Now it’s season! Pick pears to enjoy in Matsudo city, Chiba prefecture

Le Matsudo is carefully raised

The brands are not only “Kosui” and “Toyosui”, but also “Kaori”, characterized by an aroma and a sweet taste, “Akizuki”, which has a new texture and sweetness, and “Niitaka”, which has little More acidic, sweet and exceptionally large. You can also harvest popular pears. Since varieties are treated differently depending on the garden, you should also visit each garden and enjoy the food and compare.

What is “Nijisseiki Pear” originating in Matsudo City?

“Le Nijisseiki” weighs about 300g and the pulp is yellow-green in color. It has a cool sweet and sour taste and tender flesh that contains lots of juice and has a great taste.
It has a long history, starting in 1888 when it was discovered in Matsudo city. Thirteen-year-old Kakunosuke Matsudo accepted the seedlings he found at relatives ‘homes and raised them in his parents’ pear orchard. Ten years later, Aonashi became fruitful. It was called “Shintashiro” for a while, but in 1904 it was “represented in the twentieth century” in the hope that it would become representative of the twentieth century because of its high quality. It was named “Nijisseiki”. At the same time, seedling rearing started in Tottori prefecture, and it became a popular national variety.

Season until October. Matsudo pear picking point & direct selling

Pears that can be enjoyed in Matsudo are Kosui, Hosui, Kikusui, Nijissei, Shinsei, Kaori, Akizuki and Niitaka in chronological order of harvest. 10 varieties (Niitaka) and emerging (Shinkou). You can enjoy each taste and texture while changing the times.

■ Opening time / ~ mid-October
■ Pears picking fee / free admission ticket is 650 yen / kg

■ Pear / Pear garden locations are sold directly in all 52 gardens. You can experience mopping in 29 of them.
・ Takatsukagami district, Matsudo city (17 gardens, 13 pear mogi gardens)
・ Takatsukashita District, Matsudo City (16 gardens, 6 pear mogi gardens)
・ Goka Kinkesaku district of Matsudo City (12 gardens, 5 pear mogi gardens)
・ Rokumi district, Matsudo city (7 gardens, 5 pear mogi gardens)

■ For the address and contact information of each pear orchard, visit the Matsudo City Tourist Association website.