Recommended for nutritional supplements for women What therapeutic effects of delicious squid

The Chinese name for squid is “oriental fish”.

Yakuzen’s Goki is classified as “flat” and Gomi is classified as “sweet”. The Chinese name is “Uzokugyo”.
The edible part is the body and rarely the squid. For therapeutic purposes we also use an ink bag, but the main part is the instep. It is also known as “Kaihyosho” or “Uzokukotsu”.

Notes when eating squid

It is said that squid has a blood tonic effect, often used as a tonic for those who are suffering from gynecological diseases.
The squid is dry roasted and then powdered. An ancient book, Honzo Komoku, says that it “cures major blood stab pain” and is applied to angina.

If you are allergic to squid, be aware, eating a lot can cause hives. Also, be aware that even small amounts of food can cause stomach upset.

Eat squid deliciously

Squid can be pulverized and used to sprinkle or cook soup or can be boiled very deliciously. Among different recipes, this time I will introduce a squid rice recipe that improves blood circulation and warms the body.

“Rice with blue flowers and red flowers”

Ingredients (for 2 people)
・ Squid … 2 small cups
・ Brown rice … Cup 1/2
・ Black jellyfish … 2-3 sheets
・ Walnuts (with shell) … 3 pieces
・ Red flower … 1/2 tbsp
・ Soup A[2 chén nước dùng, 1 muỗng nước tương, 1 muỗng đường ấm, 1 muỗng rượu sake]

1. Wash brown rice and soak it in boiling water overnight.
2. The ink draws legs together with the internal organs and removes the body’s cartilage. After rinsing the inside, drain. I will use my own feet.
3. Take the walnuts out of the shell, soak them in boiling water, peel off the thin bamboo skewers and crush them into small pieces. Put the black jellyfish and chopped. It is recommended to use walnuts with their shells intact because they are fresh and are less oxidized.
4. Use a tea sieve to quickly wash red flowers, put in a fine sieve, and drain.
5. Add the drained genmai, walnuts, jellyfish and red flowers, and mix well. Wrap the squid bodies up to 7-8 minutes and use a toothpick.
6. Pour broth and some boiled soy sauce from A into a flat pan. Add squid to medium heat until the squid is done. After boiling, add the rest of the seasoning, warm sugar, sake and the rest of the squid feet, cover for 10 minutes and simmer.
7. Place boiled squid feet. It is easier to eat if you cut this and that place.

Yakuzen is the wisdom to effectively use the work of food and bring it into our daily lives. Food is not only good for nourishing the body, but also a medicine to support health promotion and treatment of diseases. Try to incorporate it into your daily meal.

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