The man of a farmer lives for about 8 years! “Farmers live long, healthy lives”

Farmers get the impression that they are “healthy and long lived”. This is believed to be not only in Japan but also internationally, and studies are being carried out in each country to look at mortality and morbidity by occupation. In April 2016, it was reported that the medical costs of freelance farmers were about 30% lower than the medical costs of non-farm workers. A more detailed questionnaire survey (* 1) conducted between February and March 2017 showed the difference between peasant and non-farmer in more detail.

Medical costs for farmers aged 75 and over are about 70% of those who are not farmers

Kenji Horiguchi, Emeritus Professor of the Institute of Sustainable Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology, Waseda University’s Priority Area Research Organization, and Masahiko Genma, Professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences, are all at age 60-70. Is there a difference in mortality between farmers and non-farmers? I have investigated the cause.

Compare data from the health system for the elderly aged 75 and over in effect 2008 with the employment rate of people aged 75 and over according to the national census, showing medical costs low in provinces with high employment rates. People aged 75 and over working in agriculture-related work are considered to have more freelance farmers than working in private companies, so the cost of health per person will be low at the provinces have many farmers. may.
To support this idea, we compared the medical costs of farmers aged 75 and over and others in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture.

Compare medical costs for farmers aged 75 and over and others in Honjo City, Saitama Prefecture

As a result, the medical cost for each agricultural senior in Honjo City is about 70% of the medical cost of the other elderly, and the results are published in April 2016. Yes That is to say, farmwork daily exercise is ultimately related to maintaining good health.

Life expectancy of male self-employed farmers is 8.2 years

This is the first survey in Japan to target farmers aged 75 and over. A questionnaire survey was conducted in Honjo City to understand in greater detail the difference between farmers and non-farmers. As a result, I found some interesting facts, especially for those who are self-employed and agricultural. The following are clear results when comparing self-employed farmers with other groups (hereinafter referred to as other groups).

Both men and women live a long life, especially men, which are very different from other groups.

・ The average death age of male self-employed farmers is 81.5 years old, and other groups are 73.3 years old
・ The average age of death of self-employed farmers is 84.1 years, and the other groups are 82.5 years old

Freelance farmer has a long working time (years) so he is in good health.

・ Male: Working time until retirement of self-employed farmers 50.8 years, other groups 37.5 years
・ Women: 49.1 years of working time until retirement, 28.0 years for other groups

Freelance farmers worked healthy until their early 70s.

・ Male: Retirement age of self-employed farmers 74.2 years old, other groups 64.3 years old
・ Women: Self-employed farmer’s retirement age is 72.8 years, and other groups are 60.8 years old

It was found that self-employed farmers have a long life and are doing well until they retire. Furthermore, in the questionnaire, when the cause of the deceased’s family was selected from three options: aging, four main causes (cancer, stroke, heart disease, pneumonia) and others, farmers freelance dies of aging. It was found that very few freelance farmers were seriously ill. Furthermore, it can be seen from the questionnaire that freelance farmers have less experience in hospitalization.

What we learned from this survey is that the farmers have remained healthy for a long time and often end their life without serious illness. Reducing medical costs is a big problem for Japan, which is facing an aging society. Agriculture can offer a solution.

* 1 color pin! Farmers have a long and good life! Japan’s first evidence shows that “health costs for the elderly 70% are not farmers” (Waseda University)