The shortest way to the agricultural girl? A way of life called “peasant’s wife” recommended by the founder of “peasant marriage activity page”

The website of a marriage activity connects farmers in need of a bride and women who are passionate about farming.

Mr. Iwatate, the founder of the “Raitai” peasant marriage website

Mr. Iwatate launched “Raitai” in March 2017 to support the inheritance of women interested in agriculture and rural life and farmers suffering from a bride shortage. Basically, the website is run by Mr. Iwatate alone.

Male membership is limited to farmers, farm company workers and new farmers, while women are for those who want to marry a farmer, those interested in rural life, and those who want to be self-employed. started farming. You can view the profiles of about 100 total members, both male and female, and exchange messages with people you like.

In addition to basic information such as height, family structure, and preferences, profiles include farmer-specific items, such as types of agriculture and crops, such as they are full-time jobs. part-time or time and values ​​such as “do women want to help in the fields”. Be provided. A mechanism that allows you to actually meet if you want to after exchanging messages. If you want, there’s also a service that Mr. Iwatate will be on hand. Since opening, 8 couples have been born and 2 of them are married.

Experienced at quitting sala, working as a new farmer, married in agriculture

Mr. Iwatate and his wife grow vegetables such as Komatsuna in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture.

Mr. Iwatate himself is a new farmer and is currently the wife of a vegetable farmer in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture. After graduating from college, he worked in Tokyo as a general employee of a securities company, but he said that he was skeptical of the monotonous everyday life of working and going. Punctuality and the use of money are not capitalist in nature.

I was interested in agriculture, saying, “I want to live a strong life by making as much as possible.” Longing for the warm countryside, he retired to move to Aya-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture, a tropical country where organic farming is widespread. I worked for an agricultural corporation for a year and learned about farming in general.

I then started marrying my partner, but it was unsuccessful and I remained unemployed for a year. Many people suggested, “Why don’t you come back to be the farmer’s wife?”, But really only one person introduced me. Before starting alone farming, I rented a safe field in Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture, not far from my parents’ home, and started working independently.

A fateful encounter falls there. Marriage activity event “Agricultural contest” for farmers who register to participate in the marriage activity is the first day of reclaiming and polishing the farm. Since the school was found, I no longer need to participate, but I did participate with the cancellation fee. There, I met my current husband, the eldest son of a farmer. At the self-introduction corner, he was sitting in an invisible chair, but he said he liked the way he spoke.

On the street corner, men and women harvest rice, they coincidentally become pairs and fight. Knowing his natural, calm temperament, I shortened the distance and decided to associate with him a ton.

Mr. Iwatate, who runs a 1,200 tsubo farm and grows more than 40 vegetables each year himself, without using chemical fertilizers and farming without pesticides. Every time I started dating and helped with work as a practitioner, I realized the value of being a man. About two years after I met him, I got married and had a happy life.

The husband who knew Mr. Iwatate well was curious. Backed by his words, “Do what you love,” he raised funds through cloud funding, saying, “I want women to do the work they want and be happy with.” Launch of “Raitai”.

What is the benefit of “the farmer’s wife”?

Information page of “Raitai”

Initially, Mr. Iwatate is an event for people who want to start farming and consult women who want to do agriculture. While he can share the current situation and give advice, in the end it often depends on the recipient’s dynamics and he doesn’t feel that he’s pushing him back. I came up with the idea of ​​a marriage hunting website to specifically support women who want to seriously participate in the agricultural sector so that they can have the choice of being the “peasant wife” like me.

The merit of a peasant wife is that it is not difficult to start a farm from scratch, such as renting a field, you can rely on your partner for powerful work and you can divide share work. In addition, it is attractive that it is easy to receive cooperation such as raising a child because of being around the parents-in-law. It is also beneficial for women working outside of agriculture. “Newcomers to farming tend to do everything on their own, without relying on others,” said Iwatate. “I want you to do it.” Flexibility can be required when you really want to do something.

“Sowing love” on the main battlefield of the farm boys

I also want the urban women with dreams of living in the countryside to use it. “A peasant man is inherently inspired as a child and has grown up with different generations. It’s kind and attentive. It is an enjoyable life to enter an environment. new. I think it’s good, “said Iwatate. It can be used from a personal computer or smartphone, and the monthly fee is 4,000 yen for men and 2,000 yen for women. Women can try it for free for a month. There is no age limit, but many users are in their 20s and 40s.

According to Mr. Iwatate, “many farm boys are stronger one-on-one than in large numbers like weddings”. It can be said that the service that learns sincerity through message exchange and nurturing love will be the main battleground for single men of peasants. Why do women who want to start farming fail to register before Christmas and try to “sow the seeds of love”?

Raitai “