The standard for growing vegetables is “I want to eat with everyone.” For a part-time farmer who fits his lifestyle

    That preference is also a real benefit

    While working as a writer, he also assists in the fields with his husband and his parents-in-law. We make rice and vegetables, we turn it over to agricultural cooperatives, and we sell the vegetables ourselves. Her father-in-law is a civil servant, and her husband is a wage worker, so there is usually no time for the mother-in-law to grow vegetables.

    I help my 0 year old son about twice a week. In the morning, the harvested and packaged vegetables are sold at nearby fitness clubs. In the evening, the weeds are removed and the work for the day is over. On weekends, I went to the fields with my husband to take measures to combat the damage caused by crows, foxes and manage the field.

    The vegetables we grow include tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, eggplants, peppers and celery. We plant what we want to eat. I also know that this is a variety that is suitable for the land of Ibaraki prefecture and that other farmers do not produce much.As for vegetables, I bring the varieties I pick in the morning to the fitness club and place them next to the counter. Women, especially wives, will pick it up. If your mother-in-law explains how you eat and how specials are when organizing the products, you can buy them. I can’t always stand beside vegetables to explain, so lately I’ve been drawing drawings by hand. The number of repeat clients is increasing due to my mother’s explanation and the pop effect.

    Everything you eat at your parents-in-law’s house is delicious

    I had no experience growing vegetables until I started living in Ibaraki prefecture. Coming from Saitama, I worked for a PR agency in Tokyo before giving birth. I have a long relationship with my husband and often go to my parents’ house before getting married. Every time I come to play, I am asked to serve vegetables at home, but every dish that comes out is delicious. Growing vegetables seemed very interesting, and as soon as I started living at my parents-in-law’s house, he said that he wanted to help with farming.

    Before starting farming, it’s natural to buy vegetables at the supermarket. I don’t know when the vegetables are in season because the same vegetables line up all year round. I’m so glad that I can start making vegetables and feel the season.

    It’s fun, but sometimes I don’t know what my mother-in-law says because I don’t have any knowledge of agriculture. My mother-in-law comes from a farmer, so there is a part of her that is very sensitive about soil preparation and fertilizer amount. I decided to take a short training course at the College of Agriculture with my husband because I wanted to understand what my mother-in-law was saying and the agricultural panorama.

    Agriculture that suits your style

    I attended the Agricultural College two days a week for about four months. There are practical training courses and classroom lectures, and while growing vegetables, we also pack and ship. I not only learned about vegetables but also about management.During that time, I heard a lot of hardship. For example, a strawberry farmer said that the floods destroyed his house and his income was zero. Once again I feel that working with a farmer is not a difficult and sweet world.

    I like growing vegetables, and we will eventually take over the field, but I don’t think I will live by farming alone now. I was pregnant at the time and it was clear after giving birth I would have a child-centered life. I find it difficult while farming and raising children. Also, we like to travel and camping, but if we become a full-time farmer, it is difficult to leave home for a long time and we have to give up. I think that whatever I like is not in line with our lifestyle.So I decided to continue growing vegetables as a part-time farmer instead of a full-time farmer.

    Making vegetables connecting people

    Now, while I’m learning how to grow vegetables from my parents-in-law, I want to learn how to set up sales channels and increase sales. We are devising a way to sell vegetables with the help of parents-in-law, who have great knowledge and experience. We want to make the most of each other’s strengths to produce delicious dishes, saving time and effort.

    Recently, I am growing new vegetables that I have not made before. In 2017, I tried basil, luccola and garlic. I like to eat pizza and make a stone furnace myself so I decided to grow the necessary vegetables myself. As we try out new varieties, we evaluate whether we want to eat.

    I’m happy that we can connect with many people through our own veggies, such as vegan pizza parties and fitness club customers often order vegetable. .. It’s something my mom and dad did for a long time, but it’s the connection that I want to cherish.

    If you want to try making vegetables from now on, you can rent a field and try planting on a small scale. If you plant, grow and eat seeds, you will find many different things that will be your own food. The most important thing for planting is “tillage”, and if you don’t cut corners, you can do something better than you imagined. To eat fresh vegetables is better than buying. Agriculture is difficult. I hope that you will be able to feel the school as close as possible by raising awareness.