The way of life of a peasant wife shines in a new world like herself even in “D (husband’s by the way)”

The way of life of a peasant wife shines in a new world as even in herself

“Kuraunberi” shines brightly during the season.

Best strawberry season. The strawberries of “Kuraun Farm” (= Kitago-cho, Nichinan City), characterized by large seeds, also shine brightly at supermarkets and direct sales offices in the city. The packaging of the original strawberry label “Kuraunberi” and the product introduction have cute illustrations with eye-catching pastel colors.

“I want you to know the story behind agricultural products,” we made a cartoon of the growing process through to harvest and sent a booklet with the booklet at the time of the online shopping. . We are promoting the farm using familiar illustrations as a tool. Akane Watanabe of the same garden handles illustrations and manga. I moved to Kitago-cho from Kanto last year when I married my husband, Yasunori Watanabe, who started farming in Kitago-cho, Nichinan City at the age of 23.

One month after moving house, I drew a four-frame cartoon on the topic of a farmer’s daily life and posted it on the website, and received a positive response like collecting 20,000 PV in just two weeks. . In addition, there are plenty of outputs using animation and illustrations, such as website production and running your own garden, sign production and editing, video and LINE stamp production. to PR.

4-frame cartoon “The first harvest”

Diary of a farmer wife moved to Miyazaki

Recently, apart from the support of the farm, we also receive requests for production from outside.

In fact, Akane also holds the only professional qualification “chalk artist” in Miyazaki Prefecture. Chalk art is a technique of drawing warm, three-dimensional illustrations by fading the colors while fading the paintwork placed on the chalkboard with the fingers and attached to restaurant signs. and so on.

At first, I received an order for the manufacture of signs and menu boards for restaurants in the prefecture through an acquaintance of Mr. Yasunori. Gradually, I began to receive orders from other restaurants, saying, “I like that in the store, so I want you to do it for me.”
In addition, I am expanding my area of ​​activity by leveraging my experience working at a large recruitment advertising agency in Tokyo and taking a job from Nichinan City as a screenwriter and director.

Get skills and come Nichinan

Akane-san’s blackboard decorated the direct sales office of “Kuraun Farm”

I met my husband, Yasunori, as a result of the activities of the agricultural support group that I belonged to as a student. It is said that he received a sudden proposal three days before Yasunori moved to Miyazaki.
As a result of her worries, Akane, a new member of society at the time, chose the path “to work hard at a company in Tokyo and gain experience writing and web production.” Two years later, I retired with the feeling that I had the skills to live wherever I went. Last July, I moved to Miyazaki after joining the company.

Nichinan City has many inconveniences compared to the city, such as the closing time of supermarkets coming soon. However, after the night book falls, the starry sky above the Obi cedar mountain looks like a planetarium to Akane, who grew up in Kanagawa. At a handcrafted wedding launch party organized by local acquaintances, Mayor Nichinan also sent congratulations via video letter. We can put our energy into a life surrounded by warm people, saying, “There’s nothing I don’t like.”

Difficulty, of course, isn’t. The new home that waited for Akane after she moved out was the one with wind. It is said that there were times when three meals could not be eaten due to unstable income during the pre-harvest period. I laughed in those days, saying: “Just be alive, material down a lot”.

Experiencing the car stalling due to unfamiliarity with driving and dissatisfied with the husband who tends to fall asleep even though the farmer quickly switched to a pastel-colored 4-frame cartoon. By cutting out the farmer’s everyday life and conveying it as content that makes you laugh, we convey that content with the desire to make you feel closer to the strawberry and pick up the product. .

In January of this year, a new direct sales office was established in a hut adjacent to the field, and when it was decorated with art chalk and colorants produced by Akane, many people stopped by. over to find strawberries and scream happily.

As the wife of a farmer, as an individual

I asked Akane-san about her immigrant life. The answer was surprisingly simple: “take the initiative to say hello.” Hokugo-cho is an area where many old people live. Migrants are “outsiders”, but I believe “if you know what they are, you can get along with them.” Around the Watanabe grandparents, who interacted with the local residents with bright smiles, the number of “supporters” increased more and more, such as field maids and people sharing side dishes. .

I would also advise the same “woman to live in a new environment for the convenience of her spouse”. The word back was, “If you have something you like or are good at, I want you to go on.” I will never forget my respect for a husband who works on land I do not know as a new farmer, but “even if I have difficulties in relationship with family or work. mine would be a good “escape”. ” I was nodding by an individual’s appreciation of the way of life.

Wherever you are, it will shine like you. Young sensitivities to strength and resilience continue to develop young shoots.

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