To stop Azuki’s swelling! What is unknown power?

Azuki from the perspective of medicinal food

Azuki’s Chinese name is Sekishozu. In the world of healing dishes, Azuki is the food that is said to have “cool” properties for Goki and “sweet” and “acid” for Gomi. Azuki’s origins are long ago, and it appears in the myth of food creation in “Kojiki”.

The recommended point of Azuki is its diuretic effect

One of Azuki’s greatest medicinal properties is its diuretic effect. Therefore, it is believed to relieve all symptoms of swelling and has been used for a long time. It is said that if you are experiencing swelling, your urine will drain better and your symptoms will ease.

Diet effect too!

Since it is rich in vitamin B1 which helps to promote sugar metabolism and prevent fat accumulation under the skin, it can be expected as a supplement. An effective way to eat is to continue drinking Azuki’s broth on a regular basis. It doesn’t add sweetness, so be careful there. Be aware that eating sugar-containing oshiruko or anko is not a diet.

When you eat Azuki regularly, you should also eat Hatomugi

Azuki has a diuretic effect, so if eaten for a long time, the skin may dry out. If you are concerned about dry skin, you can resolve it by sharpening and drinking Hatomugi and Azuki together.

How to use Azuki as a medicine

To eliminate swelling

For spicy swelling has an heirloom effect and drink Azuki 3 times a day. For the daily dose, it is effective to give 30g of Azuki with 540ml of water. At this time, if you combine an additional 15g of Gennoshoco and cards, the stool will be adjusted and the effect will be higher due to the synergistic effect. In addition, if you boil 30 grams of Azuki and 1 carp and drink some miso water or salt water, the swelling elimination effect is further enhanced.

If you eat Azuki instead of rice …?

As a method of pepper swelling, in addition to drinking broth, there is also a method of eating boiled Azuki without flavoring instead of white rice. This is recommended since you don’t have to waste broth and Azuki.

When the milk is poor

There is also the theory that even if you are concerned about poor lactation, you can settle it by drinking the decoction of the Azuki plant instead of tea every day.

Challenge medicinal dishes using Azuki!

Azuki is rich in fiber and vitamin B1 is a wonderful formula for deliciousness and skin beauty. Surely you will be surprised by its natural sweetness.

“Simmered Azuki and Pumpkin”

Ingredients (for 2 people)
・ Azuki 1 cup
・ 1/4 pumpkin
・ 1/2 sweet potato
・ Konbu square 10 cm
・ 1 teaspoon warm sugar
・ Salt slightly
・ 1 teaspoon honey


1. Rinse Azuki, put in bowl and soak in 3 cups water overnight.
2. Remove the seeds and cotton of the pumpkin and cut into small pieces, and the sweet potatoes also cut into small lengthwise pieces of the skin.
3. Spread the kelp in the pot, add Azuki along with Azuki’s reconstituted juice and simmer over medium heat. When the sardines are floating, take them out to a plate, when cooked for seven minutes, remove the kelp, and add the pumpkin and sweet potatoes.
4. Add water so it becomes a single piece and simmer.
5. When the ingredients are boiling and softening, add sugar to warm and a little salt to adjust taste, turn off the heat, after a while add honey to mix well.

I introduced Azuki from Yakuzen’s point of view. It is filled with satisfying female powers, such as the elimination of swelling, the effects in the diet, the boosting of sugar metabolism and the improvement of milk production. If you’re worried about swelling, why not try the herbal remedies from Azuki’s broth on a regular basis?

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