Venison, grilled deer, stewed deer and deer cutlets All venison dishes start at 2,000 yen !?

Jibie has long been loved as a traditional aristocratic dish in Europe, and now it is eaten on the regular household table. During hunting season, birds and wild animals are lined up at butchers and parades throughout the city. Deer meat is especially popular in Germany and is mainly used for stews.

Even in Japan, gourmet-oriented food lovers have enjoyed it at French restaurants, but bird and wild animal meat is not yet a popular ingredient.

As the damage to the agriculture and forestry sectors of the deer worsens, “Rokumei Saryu Irifune”, offering affordable deer meat dishes, moves towards the concept of “efficient use of whole deer. Japan” ).

Above all, a full set, can be eaten from 2,000 yen, has surprising volume and taste, this is an opportunity for everyone to consider deer meat as an ingredient. Here, we take a look at the course menu you’re interested in!

Can be used for many different dishes depending on the cooking method and portion

Have a dinner from 2000 yen to 4000 yen at “Kanaru Charyu Irifune”. This time, we will present a 3000 yen course where you can enjoy all kinds of deer meat cooking methods. (* Menu as of February 2018. Menu will change at any time depending on availability.)

1: Appetizers

Appetizers change from day to day are cold dishes with raw ham.

2: The deer steak extraction

Deer meat, low in fat, has a texture and taste similar to tuna. Crushed vinegar is added to lean, fast-roasting meat.

3: Steamed and minced deer meat

Deer meat, as useful as minced meat, goes well with punctuation. Deer Shumai, which looks like a small basket, is a delicacy with a deer meat flavor faintly in the overflowing gravy.

4: The deer tunnel

A jewel of the deer streaks is stewed until they become toro! Similar to beef, deer meat is richer because it contains more iron.

5: Mixed grilled venison

In addition to the thigh meat, you can enjoy many different parts like the heart (heart) and tongue (tongue). The deer meat Motsu is surprisingly smooth and feels like a chicken motsu.

6: A piece of venison

It is a mild cut and has a lighter taste than ton or beef cutlet. Fried dish is easy to eat for women and the elderly.

7: Grilled deer

The best part of deer meat is said to be the loin loin. It is a convincing premium dish for the gourmet, well suited for alcoholic beverages such as wine and sake.

8: Chopped deer soup 4

The Vietnamese Pho has finished with the deer meat soup. It has a unique refreshing taste of deer meat.

The finish is a dessert. This is a full course that will amaze you with the countless dishes made from deer meat.

You can try deer meat even over a simple lunch

The lunch menu includes “Deer Roast Bowl” (900 yen) and “Deer Thigh Steak” (1500 yen). A venison cutlet lunch (480 yen) that can be taken out is also popular.

Killing termites in Japan, high-class raw materials in Europe

In Japan, 588,000 deer (2014) were captured to prevent damage to birds and animals, and most of them have been disposed of. However, by nature, deer meat is a very tasty natural ingredient.

Experience in deliciousness leads to an interest in cooking methods and processing techniques. It is deeply involved in hunting and harmful to birds and animals.

It can be a bit hard to suddenly add deer meat to your dining table, but why not try a professional dish first? It will be a valuable experience that will make you think about the natural world and what “food” should be.

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