A classic candy! Nutrition, method of preservation and nutrition of perilla and myoga

About Shiso

The green color known as blue jiso, also known as Ooba, is characterized by a high aroma and is widely used as a sashimi knob and as a medicinal ingredient.

On the other hand, dark purple jiso is also used to color plums and ginger. Types used for knobs include psyllium, perilla seed, and flowers.

Aichi Prefecture has the largest proportion of perilla production in the province, producing one third of the perilla production domestically. Today, it is on the commemorative market, but shiso’s main season is from early summer to summer.

How to distinguish freshness

Fresh and tasty tuber is dark green in color, has no black spots on the leaves, is firm, and has a glossy surface. It is said that a strong scent is a good shiso.

Perilla nutrition

Carotene in perilla will transform into vitamin A in the body and have antioxidant effects, preventing oxygen from working in the body. In addition, it also protects the mucous membranes and skin of the nose, throat, digestive organs, … and maintains health.

How to save perilla

When storing perilla, perilla should be kept in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator for packaging. When you unfold it, fold the sheets and wrap them in plastic wrap so they don’t dry out and store them in the vegetable room. If left on for a long time, it will cause the item to become cold and lose its elasticity, so use it as soon as possible.

One point makes perilla delicious

When to chopped?

When cut into pieces, you are very easy to cut by arranging about 5 pieces, cutting off the thick leaf veins in the middle and then using chopsticks to roll up like sushi rolls. After cutting, drying in cold water will restore the crispness.

Shiso Tempura

The trick to making a delicious perilla tempura is to just dry the clothes on one side and add the oil to the same side as the clothes.

How jiso cantaloupe salt

Red jiso has sardines, so use salt to remove fishy before soaking.

How to fry crispy shiso?

To restore atrophied perilla leaves, you need to soak in ice water for about 10 minutes to cover the leaves and then drain. This will restore the brittle texture.

Also has a bactericidal effect!

It is said that the scent ingredient of perilla has a bactericidal effect, and it is best suited for kumquat not only in terms of taste but also for its bactericidal effect.

Give pasta instead of basil!

It is a great substitute for basil when making pasta. From western style to Japanese style noodles at the same time.

Introducing Myoga

The attraction of Myoga is its crispness and unique aroma, this is a vegetable very familiar to Japanese people since ancient times.

There are two types of myoga: the common flower myoga, shaped like a bud, and the long myogadake, grown by softening the young shoots (yokon). It is grown in a house in Kochi and distributed all year round, but the season is summer and the peak shipping is from August to September. Due to the need to cultivate, the transportation times tend to be earlier than each year.

How to distinguish delicious and fresh myoga

Myoga flowers are generally small, have a beautiful red color, have a glossy surface, and are firm.

Choose a shiitake mushroom with white stems and light crimson red leaves. Avoid varieties with brown or green stems as they have overgrown.

Myoga Nutrition

Potassium in myoga has a role in regulating the concentration of salt in the body, eliminating excess salt from the body, maintaining the normal functioning of cells. It is said that this effect also lowers blood pressure.

It also contains lots of calcium and magnesium that make up the bones and body.

How to save myoga

Drying is a major enemy when it comes to storing myoga. Wrap one at a time or wrap in damp kitchen paper and store in the vegetable growing room. You can also freeze it in its entirety. When frozen for seasoning, you can cut it into small pieces and then freeze it very conveniently. If you buy a lot, you can eat well with miso or sour salt.

One point to make myoga delicious

Prepare Myoga

After cutting off the root, cut into the desired shapes such as round slices, chopped slices, shredded. Cutting into pieces along the fiber leaves a crispy feel. If you put it in the water, it will come out.

Myoga is the top dish

You can make a dish just by baking whole myoga and adding miso or soaking in rakkyo vinegar. It should also be raised as a whole to make tempura.

Both shiso and Myoga, both indispensable medicinal herbs, are vegetables that can be thought to have both bactericidal and appetite boosting effects thanks to their scent ingredients. These days, you can afford it for a steady year round, so you can not only enjoy it as a confection, but also serve as a main course like tempura and roasting.

In addition, myoga can be stored in the freezer, so if you cut it into pieces and freeze it, you can use it as soon as you want to use it, such as toppings for cold tofu or miso soup. Should be kept in the refrigerator because just adding it quickly will make the food splendid.