Agriculture is the source of life. Plant yourself and get back your food and health.

The possibility of “farming” is explored by health and welfare professionals

It is a 15-minute drive south from the center of Kumamoto city. “Miyuki no Sato” is located in lush countryside.

It is a comprehensive facility that has a hospital, a special nursing home, a care home, etc. all in one place. The number of employees is about 650 people and the total number of users including patients and residents is about 550 people. Since its founding in 1982, it has advocated “developing towns for a healthy longevity” and is working on organic collaboration between health care, healthcare and welfare.

The establishment has focused on food initiatives for many years. The chef and head of the nutrition management department went to the Kamakura garment factory of Yoshiko Tatsumi, a famous Japanese chef, and introduced the “life soup” organized by Tatsumi at lunch. We also run a natural food restaurant that can be used for free by the public.

“When the Miyuki no Sato celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2012, a rainbow project began to consider the next 10 year plan. Approximately 30 project members selected from each facility will build a building. We discussed logo rebranding, and in it, we talked about, “We’re working on health lucky food, but we haven’t mentioned it yet. of agriculture, “said Miyuki no Sato Co., Ltd., said Ms. Yoshiharu Inada, director of Kenko Farm.

At that time, the Office of Dementia Response in Miyuki no Sato was conducting “farm renovation” as a subsidized project in Kumamoto prefecture to improve cognitive function through agricultural work. . Miki Tomishima, the president of the Miyuki no Sato, is also interested in safe and secure farming. As a result of these many factors, a new business named “Miyuki no Sato Kenko Farm Co. Ltd.” started operations in 2015.