Also known as “eating medicine” What is nutrition, use, and effects of cabbage

Cabbage seen from the world of miracle dishes

Cabbage is also known as Tamana or Buttonna, and its Chinese name is Kanran. In the world of healing foods, cabbage is a food that is classified as delicious to Goki and sweet to Gomi.
It is native to Europe and is believed to have been introduced to Nagasaki by the Dutch in the early 18th century. The appeal of cabbage is whether boiled, grilled, eaten raw or stir-fried is delicious. If you combine it into different dishes and eat it, your body will get better and better every day. For skinny children, can cook cabbage soup and drink will be very effective.

It is worth noting that cabbage is rich in vitamin U and vitamin K, which regenerate the mucous membrane of the stomach and heal stomach ulcers. In addition, the vitamin C content is also one of the best light-colored vegetables.
For this reason, it was found that it had certain effects on stomach pain and gastrointestinal ulcers, and it was suddenly noticed as a medicine. Vitamin U in cabbage is also known as cabbage, also known as medicine for gastrointestinal diseases. In addition to the gastrointestinal tract, it is believed to have medicinal properties for treating diabetes, constipation, boils, and diseases of the urinary system, and is believed to have hemostatic and analgesic effects. It is also believed to have inhibitory effects on the occurrence of cancer.

How to use cabbage as medicine

Cabbage treats stomach upset and discomfort

Vitamin U contained in cabbage is a nutrient that protects the mucous membrane and stomach wall. This is a heat-sensitive ingredient, so if you are conscious of vitamin U it’s best to eat it raw or use something that has boiled quickly.

Improve your fitness with cabbage juice

Make fresh cabbage juice, warm 250 ml each time and drink before meals. If you continue for 10 days, it is very effective in regulating the condition of the stomach and duodenum. In some cases, 75% cabbage and 25% celery juice gave better results. It repairs the stomach wall, so it is also recommended for people with gastroenteritis or a stomach ulcer.

Boiled cabbage prevents cancer

It is said that continuing to eat boiled cabbage will help prevent cancer. The point to note is not to overcook the cabbage. The effect will be enhanced if you don’t throw away the broth and have it together.

Cold people do not eat too much raw food.

I have recommended that raw foods are recommended for effective absorption of vitamins U and vitamin C, but raw cabbage has body cooling properties. Take care not to overeat if you are cold.

Experiment with delicate cabbage dishes

“Steamed beef balls with wine”

Ingredients (for 2 people)
1/2 cabbage
Shabu-shabu sliced ​​beef 100 grams
1 celery
1 garlic bulb
Laurier, all kinds of seasonings appropriate
1/2 cup white wine
Water cup 1
Some salt, pepper, lime juice
Cut the parsley into small pieces

1. Cut cabbage into two pieces, the core cut into pieces, the leaves cut into pieces.
2. Make a beef piece about 5 cm in size.
3. Slice celery into thin slices for easy eating, and slice garlic into thin slices.
4. Put cabbage, beef, celery, garlic and cotton in this order into the horo pot and sprinkle with a little seasoning. Repeat this a few times to finish it in a braille shape.
5. Add white wine and water, cover and steam for about 30 minutes.
6. When cooked and fully cooked, sprinkle salt and pepper and a little lemon juice to taste, then put in a bowl and sprinkle chopped parsley on top.

We have introduced cabbage dishes seen from the world of medicinal dishes. Cabbage, whether boiled, grilled or fried, is also delicious. It is called a miracle, so I definitely want to put it on my daily table. The soup left over after the dish is finished is very nutritious. If there is a lot you can drink it as a nutritious drink after a meal. If you dilute it with hot water, sprinkle pepper and serve with it, the aroma will stand out and you can enjoy even more.

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