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Developed by Carl Burns with his own crafting method!

“Glass Gem Cone” was developed by Karl Burns, a native American farmer who does agriculture in Oklahoma, USA. Mr. Burns, who for many years as a breeder has created “gemstone maize” by improving varieties by natural mating, not by recombination.

At first glance, you might think “Is it okay to eat?”, But of course it’s with corn. Since it is hard, use popcorn rather than salad or boiled. It looked shiny, but it was a kind of white popcorn.

In Japan, a seed company published “Glass Gem Cone” on Facebook in 2012, and it became a hot topic. A company in Arizona is currently working to expand production. The manufacturing process is considered a corporate secret, but Greg Sean, a friend Mr. Burns taught how to craft, who passed away after development, inherited the “grass gem cone”.

Similar, but tu are NG together!

What is the taste of “pearl corn” different from the normal “yellow corn”? In fact, there doesn’t seem to be a major difference in taste. This is because “Glass Gem Corn” is an improved version of “Yellow Corn”. However, when baked or boiled you may notice a slightly different flavor.

It seems some people feel that the texture is different. “Glass corn” is very hard, so if you try to boil it like yellow corn you might get “Wow, hard!”.

There isn’t a huge flavor difference between “gem corn” and yellow corn, but you need to be careful when growing. If they were planted side by side just because they were the same “corn”, they would interfere with each other, and the “prairie maize” may not have color, whereas normal maize may be colored.

Anybody can be a farmer who grows “bronze pearl”

Corn is an easy crop to grow in many different lands, as it is considered one of the three largest grains in the world. The advantage of “pearl maize” is that it is easy to grow like corn.

Seeds can also be purchased online. Please note, however, that “Glass Gem Hats” are often out of stock and similar products are on sale in the market. Those living in apartments and apartments should make use of pots on the patio, as it can be enjoyed in the home garden. By the way, it is said that the germination rate is high when using the pot.

If you are a farmer or have a garden, you should set aside a certain area and sow the seeds. However, if sowing in the ground can be damaged by birds or pests, consult someone who is familiar with home planting to take measures to handle.

You may want to grow this plant, called “rainbow corn” in Japan. The rainbow is said to bring happiness to the Native Americans, who are also the source of the developer Burns. In addition to eating, if it’s a small one, it’s also trendy to dry it and decorate it like an object.

The above information is current as of December 18, 2017.