“Goki” knows what is the essence of food?

What is Goki?

The method of determining the properties of food in Chinese medicine is called “Goki” and is one of the basic theories about the botanical taxonomy of medicinal dishes.

According to Goki, food has heat-cooling and body-warming properties. Goki refers to the five attributes of cold, cool, flat, warm, and hot.

Drinking hot soups or hot pot in winter keeps your body warm, and eating cold watermelon or cucumber in hot summers will make you feel cool and sweat. I think you know it from experience.

Goki is a theory that studies the body cooling and warming properties of all foods.

Goki’s work

What are the properties of cold, cool, flat, warm, and hot attributes, and what are their effects and functions?

Body cooling food. It has sedative and anti-inflammatory effects, which should be actively used by people prone to swelling or those with high blood pressure.

Food cools the body, although it has a weaker effect than cold. It has soothing and anti-inflammatory effects like a cold.

Food does not work to heat or cool the body. Good food for all kinds of people.

Food that warms the body. It has a stimulant effect, recommended for people who are cold.

Food has a more powerful warming effect than it is to keep warm. It has a revitalizing effect similar to warming, and should be actively used for people with anemia in addition to those suffering from colds.

All foods can be divided into these five qualities. However, there is no strict distinction between cold and cool, body cooling, warmth and heat, warming the body. It is divided by the degree of cooling and warming the body.

How to choose food

For those who tend to get sick, even in hot weather, if you actively eat cool and cold foods like cucumbers, eggplants, and tomatoes, the balance in your body will be adjusted and you will in a healthy state. Supposedly maintainable.

On the other hand, for people who tend to catch colds during the cold season or year round, incorporate hot and warm foods like onions, pumpkins and ginger into their daily diet.

Foods classified as bloating are good for everyone, so incorporate flat and cold / cool / hot / seasonal and organic foods in your diet. I recommend that.

Goki changes by cooking

Goki is a classification of the nature of food in its raw state. It should be noted that when cooked and heated, Goki’s properties often change.

For example, daikon is a food that is classified as cold and has a cooling effect on the body. Should be avoided for cold people and during the cold winter months. However, when the daikon is cooked and eaten as an ingredient or simmer, the nature of the daikon, which is already cold while alive, will turn into a flat shape that does not cool the body.

In addition, if you add ginger to the boiled pickled root, it will become a warm dish because the effect of ginger is its warmth, so it should be used for those who have a cold stomach.

Cold certificate and heat certificate

In “Shinno Honzokyo”, the oldest surviving biopharmaceutical book, the physical condition is divided into two categories: cold and heat.

A cold is a condition in which the body is easily cold, pale, cold with hands and feet, diarrhea, pale urine, and frequent toilet visits.

Heat is a condition in which the body is prone to heat accumulation, the face, hands and feet are hot, the skin is red, the person is always in a state of excitement, easily thirsty, dark urine, and prone to constipation. ..

In “Shinno Honsokyo”, it is said that a fever medicine is used to treat a cold, and a cold medicine is used to treat a fever. In other words, heat is used for cold, and cold medicine is used for heat, which has opposite properties.

How to choose foods in medicinal dishes

In medicinal dishes, in addition to choosing food according to symptoms, body condition and each physical condition, it is essential to choose ingredients and how to cook according to the season when the temperature changes. You should proactively eat cold foods during the hot season and eat warm and hot foods in the cold season.

At Gogyo, the idea is that it’s better to choose foods according to your condition and season. It is suitable for people who cool their body in hot season, need seasonal adjustment because eating too much body cooling food in cold season will easily get diarrhea. For cold people, eating warm foods will warm the body, while for hot people, eating cooling foods that are more suitable for their condition, it is a emotional theory, easy to understand.

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