“Gomi” knows what is the nature of food?

What is Gomi?

The idea is to classify food into five flavors: acid (san), bitter (ku), sweet (kan), spicy (shin) and kanji (kan), and the taste and organs are closely related.

Old Chinese books say that acid goes to liver / bile, bitter taste goes to heart / small intestine, sweetness goes to spleen (hi) / stomach, spicy goes to lung / colon, and boiling goes to kidney / bladder. It is written that different foods act on different organs depending on taste.

About Gomi’s actions

Acid (sour taste)

Acids have a converging and astringent effect, involving the liver in the viscera. For example, Shimesaba is a cooking method that uses the astringent effects of vinegar to tighten mackerel. Additionally, the acidity of the dried ume has astringent and astringent effects, which is believed to be effective in improving diarrhea. In addition, it also works to astringent sweat glands and prevent perspiration.

In Chinese medicine, the liver is believed to have a controlling effect not only on the liver but also the spirit. So when you’re upset, you can relieve stress by putting something strongly acidic in your mouth.


The bitterness has a clearing effect that helps to remove excess heat and the dry and moist hardening effect that removes excess water and hardens what has become too soft, related to the small intestine in the viscera.

Bitter melon is a prime example of a bitter dish. It has a calming effect on the body, just as bitter melon is a vegetable that can be eaten in hot summer in Okinawa. In addition, bitter melon tea, made by drying the fruit, may have the effect of removing excess water from the small intestine and preventing diarrhea. Black baked potatoes may also be found to be effective in preventing hemorrhagic diseases and diarrhea.

Sweet (sweet)

Sweet has the effect of nourishing, relaxing, in the organs related to the stomach. Nourishing is a nourishing action, and relaxation is a stress reliever. When the body is tired, the body wants this nourishing effect to make the body want to eat sweets, and when the body is in a state of stress, eating sweets in the mouth will reduce the stress as it has a relaxing effect. stretch.

Honey, a sweet food, works to relieve throat tightness, improve sore throat, help remove bones and thorns in the throat more easily.

Spicy (spicy)

The pungent taste has a dissipating effect that helps in excretion of sweat and the menstrual effect to help improve the process of blood circulation.

Have you ever felt hotter and sweaty on the tip of your nose when you ate a dish that used pepper, a typical spicy food? This means that the spicy activity of bell peppers opens up pores and sweating, while the act of driving improves the circulation of energy and blood throughout the body, warming the body.

In addition, when you first start having a cold, if you eat a dish with onions and ginger rich in spices, you will sweat due to the differentiating effect of the spicy and you can cure the cold at the stage. head without worsening the illness. ..

Boiled (salt)

Kanmi is an unfamiliar word, but it is a salty taste. Bamboo has an act of softening and an act of dispersion, both of which are the act of softening of hard objects.

In addition, it also has a stool effect to help improve the condition of stools, so if you drink salt with a solution of salt when you are constipated, the stool will be softer and the stools will improve.

In addition, kombu works to soften lumps by softening sardines, and is believed to be good for thyroid tumors.

Relationship between Gomi and Goku

Gomi is said to have the function of tonic organs. Therefore, when a part of the body is tired, one of the five of you will want.

Where is your body tired of the flavors you want, such as salty salt when the kidneys are weak, acid when the liver is weak, bitter when the heart is weak and sweet when your belly is weak? You should be able to understand.

However, while Gomi nourishes the organs, if you eat too much can make your organs weak. If you continue to eat salty, your kidneys will become weaker and swollen, and if you eat too much sweets you will experience digestive tract problems and pimples will form around the mouth. Eating too much spicy food can adversely affect the bronchi, cause coughing, and worsen bronchitis.

However, the perspiring action of spicy foods like onions and ginger is effective against the early symptoms of a cold, and it’s better to actively apply them when you start to have a cold. In addition, moderate acidity also functions to enhance liver function such as relieve stress.

Even in the five element theory, which is the fundamental theory that supports Chinese medicine, it is very important to consider the balance. This Gomi also has the same opinion, it is said that Gomi’s balanced diet will help the viscera function well and maintain good health.

Even in daily meals, many dishes are prepared by combining foods with opposite effects such as sweet and sour and bitter. Balancing the five tastes and eating is important, but that fact can be a wisdom drawn from years of human experience and habits. It seems that we are eating a natural, five-flavored dish without even realizing it.

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