How to boil and how to remove acne? How to keep water spinach fresh for a long time

Spinach is indispensable on the table

Spinach is a characteristic yellow-green vegetable that has a very high taste and nutritional value, although it is a somewhat bizarre vegetable. There are two types, the Eastern type with thin leaves and the Western one with thick and round leaves, currently on the market are mainly hybrids between Eastern and Western species.

Speaking of spinach, there may be an image that peeling pimples is absolutely essential. In recent years, vegetables that don’t need to be processed, are low in oxalic acid, an acne-causing ingredient, and can be eaten raw as a salad have emerged and are growing in popularity.

The origin of spinach is believed to be from West Asia near present-day Iran, and it is believed that it was spread around the world by Muslims. It is said that Eastern species were introduced to Japan through China around the 16th century, and Western species imported from France at the end of the Edo period in the mid 19th century.

It was during the period of high economic development that spinach was used all over Japan. Since then, it has become an indispensable leafy vegetable on our table.

How to distinguish delicious and fresh water spinach

Spinach has shiny and shiny leaves, stretching from the base to the leaf tip and is firm. It is also characterized by its elasticity without discoloration of the stem. Choose bulbs that have thick cuts and won’t dry out.

Spinach nutrition

It contains 2.0 milligrams of iron in 100 grams and contains more carotene than other vegetables. However, vegetable iron is not easily absorbed by the body, so do not depend too much on spinach to prevent anemia.

Talking about the nutrition of spinach, only iron is conspicuous, but winter spinach contains a lot of vitamin C and is also high in folic acid that produces blood and helps with cell regeneration.

How to store spinach

When storing spinach, wrap it in damp newspaper to prevent it from drying out, put in a plastic bag and put in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. Leafy vegetables like spinach are said to be best preserved when their roots are down, as soon as they are in the field.

If you store it too long and wilt, you can revive it by soaking it in cold water. Cook early, as nutrients like vitamins lose over time.

Season and time of spinach

Spinach is available in the market year round. You can enjoy it any season, but winter spinach is more nutritious, has a sweeter and richer taste than other seasons, and eating it in winter can effectively help prevent colds.

Prepare the spinach

Since it is an astringent vegetable, it basically needs to be boiled before cooking.

Tips for boiling water beautiful color

It is important to boil lots of boiling water so that it has a beautiful green color when it is boiled. Put the spinach in boiling water, boil again, then let the soya boil for 1-2 minutes. Immediately contact with cold water. When cool, fold from the base and bundle to drain. Take care not to dry too much water because it will lose its taste and taste.

How to fry and remove

If you want to make stir-fried water spinach, there is a way to get rid of the sardines without boiling. Heat oil in a pan, sprinkle a little salt before adding spinach, then remove the water in water spinach after frying.

One point to make delicious spinach

Excellent compatibility with dairy products

Spinach is a vegetable that goes well with dairy products like milk, cream and cheese, and animal ingredients like bacon. Please actively combine it with Japanese dishes.

Can spinach eat the red part of the roots?

It is said that the redder the spinach, the darker the sweetness is. The red part is rich in oxalic acid, which is the source of the acrid taste, but it also contains many nutrients, so if you boil it, you can enjoy the red portion.

Make it a regular item in your daily menu

Horensou is ideal for casual dishes that increase the daily menu to one dish. You can not only enjoy this dish with sesame sauce and banh mi, but also with sesame oil and salt.


Spinach salad

Diverse for raw dishes less acrid. It has a long stem, round and soft leaves.

Chijimi Horenso

It is a type of water spinach that grows like crawling on the ground. The leaves are thick, irregular and have a deep sweet taste, making them very suitable for cooking.

Red spinach

The stalk is red, the leaves are pointed. It can be eaten raw, so it is also recommended for salads.

Japanese spinach

It is characterized by red roots and deep cuts on the leaves. It has a soft texture and is easy to eat, making it perfect for cooking.

Spinach is a versatile vegetable. Indispensable for home cooking, can be used anytime in the refrigerator for both Japanese and Western dishes. It is delicious to heat and make sauces, but why not try making a spinach salad?