How to choose delicious sweet potato? Origin and variety of sweet potato, how to preserve it

Sweet potatoes are the birthplace of many different varieties

Sweet potatoes are one of the vegetables that have long become familiar as a savior in case of lack of food. One of the charms of sweet potatoes is that you can freely choose the variety depending on the application. Recently, those with a high sugar content are popular, such as Beni Azuma and Kintoki for Hokuhoku, and Anno Imo for a sticky flavor. Murasakiimo is also attracting attention from general consumers for its use in confectionery.

How to distinguish delicious sweets from fresh and delicious

The fresh sweet potato has a glossy, smooth skin, without scratches or black spots. Choose one with a shallow base hole. The one with honey at the cut end is evidence of the high sugar content.

Sweet potato nutrition

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of fiber. Additionally, the white mucus that comes out of the cutting head is an ingredient called yarapin, which is believed to be effective in relieving constipation along with fiber. In addition, because it contains a large amount of starch, vitamin C in sweet potatoes is not easily destroyed by heat and can be absorbed effectively even when cooked.

How to preserve sweet potatoes

Pay attention to the temperature and humidity when storing sweet potatoes at home. Since sweet potatoes are sensitive to low heat and dryness, wrap them in newspaper and store in a cool, dark place. If heated, it can be frozen. Once cut, it will quickly spoil, so wrap it up with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment so you can eat it as soon as possible.

The season and time of sweet potatoes

Season and season for sweet potatoes is from September to November for new products and from January to spring next year.
The new products are of course delicious, but it is said that the preserved products have a moderate moisture content and become sweeter. Provinces that produce a large amount of sweet potatoes are Kagoshima, Ibaraki and Chiba.

Prepare sweet potatoes

If you want a beautiful finish, you can improve the look by peeling away thick streaks inside the skin. The skin is rich in fiber, so it’s best to fry it in oil for a handmade snack or use it like kinpira.

To get rid of pimples, rinse with water after cutting and then dry. When you want a showy color, such as kinton or sweet potato, soak it in water for about 10 minutes while changing the water occasionally. However, if you are in prolonged contact with water, Vitamin C will melt, so if you do not care about the finished color, just a few minutes is enough.

One point to make delicious sweet potatoes

What if you want to bring sweetness?

By slowly applying heat to the sweet potato, the enzyme that converts the starch into sugar is activated. When you want to create a sweet taste, it’s better to take advantage of this property and heat it up slowly in the oven.

Do you get farewell when you eat sweet potatoes?

It is often said that eating sweet potatoes is easy to produce fiber because it is rich in fiber and fermented sugars, easy to create gas in the gut. To prevent this, it is most effective to eat the shell. Since the skin contains enzymes that break down sugars, to some extent it can prevent gas production.

The smaller the variety, the darker the sweetness.

When comparing the same sweet potato, it is said that the smaller the sweet potato is the sweeter it. For this reason, it is recommended to use the small ones to bake potatoes, and thick and large sweet potatoes should be cooked to add flavor like tempura.

Variety of sweet potatoes

Veneer Zuma

One variety widely produced in the Kanto region. The outer shell is dark purple, the inside is bright yellow, chewy. It has an appetite due to its low fiber content and is very popular due to its high sugar content and strong sweetness.

Beni Haruka

The outer skin is crimson and the inside is white sweet potato. Due to their smooth texture and high sugar content, baked potatoes have become very popular in recent years. It can also be processed into dried potatoes.


Is a high-end variety number 14 with many different names depending on the region. It is soft and has a smooth texture. The Tokushima “Naruto Kintoki” and “Goroshima Kintoki” tickets of Ishikawa Prefecture are popular varieties nationwide.


This type is specially made in Taneshima, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is bright orange in color, has a very high sugar content and has a sweet taste so it is also known as “sweet potato”.

Sweet purple path

Since it contains a lot of anthocyanins, it has the characteristics of a purple skin and content. In addition to raw foods, it is often used as an ingredient in sweets such as soft ice cream and sweet potatoes.

I think many people are surprised that sweet potatoes are much sweeter than before. Sweet potatoes can be used for both meals and sweets. Try and compare different varieties.