How to distinguish delicious bananas? Nutrition and preservation methods

About 95% of bananas are from the Philippines

Bananas are attractive for their high nutritional value, but they are one of the cheapest and most affordable fruits available. About 95% of bananas distributed in Japan are from the Philippines, but recently many different types of bananas have been distributed, and value-added bananas through farming methods are also attracting attention.

The banana flower is called the heart banana, which is not too familiar in Japan, but it is eaten as a salad and fried as a vegetable in ethnic dishes.

How to identify delicious, fresh and delicious bananas

Bananas are delicious, lush, have a firm shaft joint, do not scratch the skin, retain a moderate elasticity. Skin dull over time so beautiful color is a fresh testament.

Banana nutrition

Bananas have a high nutritional value and are a very good source of energy. In addition to sugars such as glucose, which act immediately and become energy immediately after eating, 100 grams of carbohydrates, which are a long-term source of energy, contain 22.5 grams.

This is also an easy-to-digest fruit, so even people who are thin due to a cold … will be very easy to eat. Since it is also high in potassium, it excretes sodium in the body, prevents swelling and may lower blood pressure.

How to preserve bananas

When storing bananas, do not refrigerate them. That’s because if left in the refrigerator, the low temperature will spoil and the outer shell will darken. However, even if it turns black due to low heat, you don’t have to worry about eating it. It can also be frozen by peeling and wrapping.

The banana is a tropical fruit that is best stored above 13 ° C. It is best to store it hanging on a banana stand, if possible, do not place it flat.

Banana season and season

95% of bananas on the Japanese market are imported from the Philippines and distributed all year round, and eaten at any time of the year.

By the way, the import of ripe bananas is prohibited under the Plant Protection Act, so they are imported in an immature green state and cooked in Japan using a plant hormone called ethylene.

Knowledge of banana beans

Notes when carrying bananas

When carrying bananas, it is better not to peel them to avoid discoloration. When you bring it to your lunch, leave it on your skin. When bringing cuttings, sprinkle lemon juice over them so that they don’t discolor.

Do bananas taste different due to the dark spots?

When starch turns into sugar and becomes sticky and sweet, dark spots appear on the skin. This is called a sugar spot, and the more it flows, the sweeter it is. If you want a refreshing taste, eat it before the sugar specks appear.

Does the sweetness differ depending on the portion you eat?

The top of the banana is sweeter than the shaft.

How to eat bananas

Banana sherbet

Cut the peeled banana and the streaks to the correct size, place in a can and sprinkle with lemon juice. If you put the lid on tightly and leave it in the semi-frozen state, the sherbet is ready.

Banana butter sauce

Sauté the chopped banana with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon to complete a stylish and warm dessert.

Banana type

Giant Cavendish

This is the most common banana and is characterized by a thick peel and long shelf life.


A banana that is small, thin and 7 cm long or less. It has a strong sweet taste and is known by many as the monkey banana.

Rakatan (sport banana)

It is a variety commonly found in the Philippines with a thick and short shape. It is rich in citric acid and has a mild acidity.


This is a large banana that can grow up to 40 cm long, and is also known as “horn banana”. It has no sweetness and taste like a potato, and is used for cooking.


Bananas have a red-orange peel, but the flesh is yellow-white, similar to a normal banana. It has a strong sweetness and a unique fragrance.


This is a thick and short banana, and is characterized by a rich and apple-like aftertaste. This is a variety with a thin case and tends to turn black.

Not only can you enjoy raw bananas, but you can also enjoy sautéed sweets and butter in a variety of ways. For those who eat every day, you should buy banana stand because you can enjoy bananas for long.