Purple is sweet proof! ?? Nutrition and methods of preserving broccoli / cooking tips

Green-yellow broccoli belongs to the genus Abrana of the Abrana family

Broccoli is a greenish-yellow vegetable that belongs to the genus Abrana, similar to the cruciferous flower. It is native to the Mediterranean coast and, like cabbage, is derived from kale. It became popular in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries and introduced to the United States in the 19th century. It was introduced to Japan during the Meiji period, but full-scale cultivation began around 1980s.

Broccoli varieties differ depending on the part to be cut, and dominant in Japan is the top flower bud (chokaraigata) with large flower buds on the stem. In addition, there is a side bud (Sokukaraigata) in which the lateral buds grow one after another.

Sticky broccoli is a hybrid of Chinese vegetables like Kailan and Saishin. Recently, broccoli sprouts, which are believed to have health benefits and are gaining popularity, people talk about broccoli sprouts.

How to recognize delicious, fresh and delicious broccoli

Lush broccoli is dark green in color and glossy, and buds are large and thick. It is also a check point that each bud is small and well made. Look closely at the cut end of the stem and choose something fresh, empty and soot-free.

Broccoli nutrition

Broccoli is a highly nutritious vegetable, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the king of green and yellow vegetables. It contains 120 milligrams of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity and collagen production, in this 100 grams, about half of the vitamin C remains even after boiling, so women can expect an impact. Skin beauty treatment. Let’s do it.

It also contains a lot of minerals essential for the body such as carotene and calcium, which are very effective in preventing colds and lifestyle diseases. In addition, since the stem is high in fiber, it may have intestinal regulatory effects. In addition, it also contains vitamin K, which helps promote calcium metabolism, so it also prevents osteoporosis.

How to preserve broccoli

If the vegetable is raw, put it in a plastic bag that is stored in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. Quickly boil and chill or freeze to maintain quality longer than raw. Buds evaporate quickly so do not store directly in the refrigerator.

Season and season of broccoli

The season and season of broccoli is the cold season from November to March if domestically produced. It is rich in vitamin C and minerals and helps prevent colds, so it is a must-eat vegetable in season.

Imports from the US and other countries are sold in the summer. Broccoli is also a representative of vegetables with stable prices in the market year round due to imports.

Use broccoli wisely

Broccoli stalks

Since the stalk contains a lot of fiber, it should be peeled, cut into strips, fried or boiled. The fiber in food is also good and the texture is good so you can eat it well.

When frying broccoli

When frying broccoli in oil, first you have to put in a little effort to boil it thoroughly, you will be able to color beautifully and finish beautifully.

Prepare broccoli

For broccoli, first cut off the base of the bud with a knife and cut off the stem. After that, split each cluster and shake it with 1% concentration of salt water to create a beautiful color, eat very delicious.

Points to consider for broccoli

There is oil film when boiled

It is due to the physiological phenomenon of the plant that the wax melts out. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the plant is buried in the soil for a long time, when it is eaten.

Is it okay to eat broccoli?

It’s not uncommon for broccoli to turn purple during the cold winter months. Because anthocyanin is secreted because of the cold, it’s okay to eat. When boiled, it will turn green, because it grows in a cold environment, it will be sweeter and eat very delicious.

Broccoli type

Stick Senor

It is a stick of broccoli created by crossing with Kairan, a type of cabbage, and is characterized by its soft stems.


Sticky Broccoli was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. It was born by crossbreeding with Chinese Saishin vegetables.

A broccoli of all-purpose vegetables that only needs to be boiled quickly and eaten with mayonnaise is delicious. It contains many nutrients to prevent colds, so it is a vegetable that you want to eat actively during winter. Over half of the plentiful vitamin C remains even when heated, so why not put it in a warm, deep-fried, or enjoy it every day.