Recommended for beauty and health by regulating the gastrointestinal tract The Chinese herbal remedy uses sesame

Introduction of sesame

Sesame is also known as “Ugoma”. The “Goki” pharmacological properties of medicinal ingredients express heat and cold in the body as “flat” with moderate cold. Also, among the “Gomi”, is the raw medicinal taste, it is the ingredient that has “sweetness”.

Sesame is rich in high-quality proteins, lipids like unsaturated fatty acids and minerals like calcium and iron. It is also known as a nutritious and nutritious food.
There are three types of sesame, black, white and brown. Black sesame is most commonly used as food. White sesame is commonly used in tea ceremonies because of its high fat content and low tea yields because of its aroma.
Among them, black sesame is believed to have a particularly high therapeutic effect and is widely used in medicine.

Black sesame medicinal properties

From here, let’s learn the medicinal properties of black sesame.
The main functions are as follows.

・ Replenishes liver / kidney function
・ Strengthens the digestive tract
・ Blackens hair by tonic effect. ・ Strengthens muscles and bones Beauty skin

Its medicinal properties, which help strengthen and moisturize the digestive tract, are especially effective against dry constipation. It is also recommended for people who are anemic and prone to fatigue, and those with cold or dry skin.
It also helps strengthen muscles and bones, so the elderly and weak legs, people with back pain should actively eat.
In addition, in recent years, sesame is rich in vitamin E and ligtin in sesame has antioxidant effects, it is thought that sesame has the function of smoothing the skin.

And sesame oil is said to have effects like constipation, detoxification, skin beauty. It is also effective against sores, eczema and cracks, so it can be used for a variety of purposes other than cooking.

From the point of view of Chinese medicine
Sesame is an ingredient that is gaining attention in Chinese medicine. It has been reported that it can be expected to be effective for various symptoms.

・ Chronic neuritis
・ High blood pressure, etc.

Notes when eating sesame

What should I be careful about when eating sesame seeds?
Sesame bark is indigestible, so use rubbing. By pureeing it, you can reduce the stress on your stomach.
Also, be careful as it is not suitable for people with diarrhea or severe illness.

The main use of sesame

Examples of how to use sesame include “eat often” and “use it with iced sugar”.

Eat sesame

Recommended for people with a tendency to constipation, especially those who are suffering from dry stools. Consciousness can be improved by eating black sesame seeds every day.

Drink with sugar ice

It is believed to be effective against a dry cough. Mix 125 grams of black sesame and 30 grams of ice sugar to make a paste, drink with hot water divided into two parts morning and night, dosage from 15 to 30 grams.

The traditional kitchen uses sesame seeds

From here, I will introduce how to make a Chinese medicine that is encouraged to use black sesame.
Black sesame sauce is great with hot vegetables, salad, squid and sashimi like scallops.
Combining sesame works to treat constipation, cough, and vinegar has the effect of lowering blood pressure, can also be used as a topical medicine.

“Black sesame sauce”

Ingredients for making black sesame sauce (for 2 people) are as follows.

・ Black sesame …… 2 tbsp
・ Black vinegar …… 1/2 cup
・ Lettuce oil (olive oil or red flower oil is fine) …… Cup 1/2
・ Lemon juice …… 1/2 piece
・ Grated onion …… 1/2 piece
・ Salt …… 1/2 teaspoon
・ Kosho …… Slightly


1. Black sesame squeezed lightly and cut in half into fine sesame seeds. Rinse the other half in the bowl until the oil is melted. If possible, mix the sliced ​​sesame seeds.
2. Add a quantity of black vinegar, salad oil, olive oil, lemon juice, grated onion, salt and pepper and mix well.
3. Add the prepared black sesame seeds to the mixture of black vinegar and mixed oil. Mix well and you have a black sesame sauce mixture.

A tip when cooking

If you add miso to black sesame sauce, it becomes black sesame miso sauce. You can also arrange it for black sesame seeds by adding warm sugar or honey.
If you increase the variation to your liking, you will be able to suck black sesame every day without getting bored.

Practice the habit of 1-2 tablespoons per day

We have introduced about sesame’s effects as a medicinal remedy and recipes for Chinese kitchen dishes using sesame.
Since it can be applied to different dishes by mixing or dripping, it is also an ingredient that can be enjoyed variedly with a variety of ingredients.
Even people without problems like constipation can expect health and beauty effects, so why not incorporate it into your daily diet?

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