Representatives of green and yellow vegetables! Carrot nutrition and proper storage

Caroten King carrot

Carrots are indispensable in daily meals as a vegetable to eat regularly at home. It is a powerful ally of home cooking, nutritious and has a role in adding color to dishes. In English, carrots are “carrots”, but the word is derived from the nutrient carotene. Carrotene is rich in carrots. The place of origin is believed to be the Kushi Mountains of the Hindus in Afghanistan around the Himalayas, and came to Japan around the 13th century.

The carrots that we see in Japan today are roughly divided into two categories: oriental imported into Japan through China and western type imported into Japan through the United States. It seems that many Eastern species were cultivated around the Edo period, but now Western species occupy most of the market. The most popular of these is the “5 inch carrot”. Many brightly colored carrots, such as white and yellow, that have started hitting the market in recent years resemble Western carrots as their parents.

On the other hand, despite the small number of oriental species, the beautiful crimson “Kintoki carrot” is used in New Year’s dishes and is very useful as an integral part of traditional Japanese cuisine.

How to distinguish delicious, fresh and delicious carrots

Fresh carrots have a thin shaft at the base of the stem, and are fresh and heavy. Choose one with a firm, smooth surface. Beautiful, bright orange skin and no blemishes are evidence of fresh carrots.

Carrot nutrition

Carrots are a typical green-yellow vegetable and are rich in carotene. Carotene converted to vitamin A in the body has an antioxidant effect that inhibits oxygen activity in the body, in addition to the function of keeping the skin and mucous membranes strong, so it can bring about a beautiful effect on the skin.

In addition to rich in vitamins B1 and C, it also contains a balanced content of potassium, calcium, iron, … so it is one of the vegetables that you should actively consume every day.

How to preserve carrots

Carrots are stored at home by wrapping in newspaper and in plastic bags, and then stored in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment during the summer. In winter, store it in a cool, dark place, such as an entrance or patio, where there is no sunlight. Moisture clinging to carrots can cause rot, so you should clean and store for a long time.

For earthy carrots, it’s easier to keep them fresh by wrapping them in newspaper and storing them without washing the soil until ripe.

Area for production of carrots and crops

Carrots account for more than half of the market share in Hokkaido, Chiba and Tokushima prefectures. It is available in the market throughout the year.

Use carrots wisely

Kinpira for nourishing skin

Carotene, lycopene and other carrots have a lot of nutrients near the skin, so you shouldn’t throw away the peel, wash it well and eat it.

When to make vegetable juice?

When eating raw carrots, such as vegetable juice and salads, be sure to include good quality oils like egoma oil and flaxseed oil. When used with oil, the carotene found in carrots will be easily absorbed by the body.

You can enjoy even the leaves

Carrot leaves are like leaves like daikon, and can be eaten with delicious rice by frying and seasoning with soy sauce.

Prepare the carrots

Carotene contained in carrots is absorbed more easily into the body when used with oil. When cooking, should eat with good quality oil when eaten raw as fried or fried food.

Kind of carrot


It is a type of yellow carrot that was born by improving carrots on the island of Okinawa. It is characterized by a rich sweetness.


This is a small carrot, an early harvest Kintoki, with a deep red color and is used for Tet dishes in Eastern species. It is a bright red color.

Magome carrot 3 inch

A short carrot with a length of 3 inches (about 10 cm). It is one of the vegetables of Edo Tokyo.

Hekinan beauty

It’s a brand-name carrot from Henan City, Aichi Prefecture. Made in a sandy field near the sea, it has a deep sweet taste and less distinctive carrot smell. Carrots are popular for juicing and raw food. In Henan City, we are actively promoting, for example, putting January 23 as Henan Carrot Day.

Purple carrots

The outer skin is a purple carrot, and the core is purple or orange. In recent years, it has become popular as a color for salads.

Carrots that I have been familiar with since I was a child. Affordable year round, colorful and nutritious carrots are a powerful ally for home cooking. In recent years, colorful carrots have been on the market, so why not try adding color to your dishes?