Survey of 9,680 people “Vegetables often eaten at home” TOP10

85.4% “like vegetables” Women in their 50s love vegetables the most

When asked about their likes and dislikes in the 5 stages, 85.4% of respondents answered “like” or “like”. Only 3.7% answered “don’t like” and “don’t like it more”, and 10.8% answered “no”.

Looking at the survey results by gender and age group, we can see that more women than men answered that they prefer vegetables. As people get older, people who like to eat vegetables tend to increase. Women in their 50s had the highest proportion of respondents who liked vegetables and 93.0% said they liked vegetables. On the other hand, the percentage of people who like to eat vegetables is lowest among men in their 20s and only 74.2% answered that they like vegetables.
“Women tend to diet in all age groups, and the older they get, the healthier they are and the more raw food they are, and the more they prefer vegetables. “Many people like this dish and tend to run out of vegetables,” said Suzuki, a nutritionist.
“You should add a salad to your lunch or bowl at the convenience store, and add chilled tomatoes to the bar drink party.”

37.9% recognize that they lack vegetables

Next, when asked if they eat enough vegetables in their daily meals, 50.8% of respondents answered: “I don’t think they are mostly vegetables, but I think they are eating them.” . 37.9% of respondents answered “I don’t think that’s enough”.
According to gender and age group, the proportion of people feeling lacking vegetables is higher in men than in women. Especially between the ages of 20 and 50, about 44% feel that they are “not enough”.