To prevent colds and recover fatigue! Preservation and nutrition of lemons and lemons

Introduction of lemons

Lemon is a fruit of the genus Mikan of the Mikan family. Its sour taste and refreshing aroma make it ideal as a topping for dishes and sweets, as well as a highlight for drinks. This is a citrus fruit in high demand in Japan year round.

Most of the lemons in circulation are imported, with the main import coming from California, the US, and a quarter from Chile. A typical California variety is one called “Lisbon”. The type of lemon that people envision is Lisbon, characterized by rich juices, strong acidity, and refreshing aroma.

Lisbon is a very popular variety introduced to Japan in the early Meiji period and has since been cultivated in the provinces of Hiroshima and Ehime. The season for lemons in the country is from September to January.

How to distinguish a delicious lemon from fresh

Delicious lemons have a lush consistency with no wilting, glossy and firm skin, bright yellow or green color. Choose one that has no wrinkles on the surface and is fresh.

Lemon nutrition

When it comes to the nutrition of lemons, it’s vitamin C that you all know. Contains 100 mg of Vitamin C in 100 grams. The real acidity of lemons is citric acid, which is believed to be effective in reducing fatigue.

How to preserve lemons

If you want to preserve lemons, wrap them in plastic wrap and keep them in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. When preserving after cutting, cover with food wrap, store in the refrigerator and eat as soon as possible. Also, if you slice it into thin slices and store it frozen, it is ideal as a topping for tea and dishes.

Lime beans knowledge

Is the freshly harvested lemon green?

The green berries that are harvested and transported are called green lemons. Lemon peel color has no relation to ripeness, and it is usually yellowed by ethylene.

Fragrant lemon scent on the skin

The scent of lemon is abundant on the skin. Therefore, if you want to add fragrance to sweets, use a peel. When using imported lemons, wash the skin surface thoroughly before using it.

How to squeeze fruit juice

When squeezing lemons, you can use the special extractor to get the juice out without wasting. If you don’t have a presser, cut it in half and then use a sharp object like a fork to make it easier to squeeze the meat.

Lemon type

Imported lemon
The skin is yellow and shiny. Since it is made of wax, it is susceptible to damage at low temperatures.

Mayer Lemon

It is characterized by weak acidity and strong sweetness. Since it is a hybrid orange, both the skin and the flesh are orange.

Introducing Lime

Lime is a fruit of the Mikan genus of the Mikan family, less acidic than lemons. Mild sour but characteristic aroma.

Not only meat dishes, fish dishes, but also salad dishes, ethnic dishes like Thailand and Vietnam are also indispensable. It is used in many cocktails because of its sharp aroma and moderate acidity that goes well with Western sake.

Most types of lemons are imported, and the varieties on the market can be roughly divided into small Mexican lemons and large Tahitian lemons. Most species of Mexican lemons are distributed in Japan.

How to recognize fresh lime

Lime has a lush consistency with firm skin and a dark green color. If it turns yellow over time, it may have lost its acidity, so be careful.

One point to make lemons delicious

Mexican lime perfectly combines with corona beer

Lime is a fruit used in many Western-style cocktails, but lemons are absolutely indispensable to Mexican corona beer.

Corona beer, which is served by putting lemons in the mouth of a bottle, is tasted by putting not only the juice but also the fruit in the bottle before drinking.

Lemon squash recipe is easy to make

Lemons are not as big as lemons, can be used up all at once, and the catch is that you can enjoy a fresh sour taste and aroma at any time. It goes well with mint, so just add sugar to juice, soda water and mint leaves to complete a refreshing zucchini.

Indispensable ethnic dishes

Lime is also indispensable in Asian dishes such as Thailand and Vietnam. Even when cooking Thai food at home, simply adding chopped lemons will look eye-catching and taste full.

Lime is also indispensable in Asian dishes such as Thailand and Vietnam. Even when cooking Thai dishes at home, simply adding the chopped lemons will make the dish extravagant and bring out the full flavor.

We have introduced world famous fruits such as lemons and lemons. Both are useful fruits to flavor general foods and drinks like tea and cola.

An important addition to cooking, but also try something with lemons and lemons, such as honey-infused lemon and zucchini. Enjoy your refreshing face.