Top 10 vegetables are getting the most attention today

10 vegetables you want to eat when you go out

Not only eating vegetables at home, the top 10 vegetables that people answered “I want to eat when eating out or at home (eating cooked food at home)” with the following results.

Unlike the results of “The vegetables I usually eat at home”, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and cabbage were in the top 3. Asparagus, came in second, 26.6% of the total. Respondents answered that they usually eat at home, but many people support the vegetables they want to eat when eating out.

It has been found that women like vegetables like spinach, komatsuna, chingensai, broccoli, spinach, bitter gourd, and sprouts, mainly green and yellow vegetables that have a healthy image.

Mr. Suzuki, a management nutritionist, said, “Tomatoes and cherry tomatoes ranked first, asparagus second, spinach in 4th, broccoli in sixth,… not only. Vibrant colors that also beautify the skin and prevent rust on each vegetable. It contains high nutritional properties such as anti-cancer effects. Many people are aware of its effects on health, and it seems to be a sign of a high sense of health. “

Rate the vegetables to be eaten consciously

As a result of asking about “vegetables that I have been conscious of eating a lot lately”, the following vegetables have been listed.

The first place is tomato and cherry tomatoes. In second place are green yellow spinach, komatsuna and chingensai. Onions in the 3rd place have an exceptionally high reaction rate for men aged 60, and can expect a blood-smoothing effect.

I want to eat actively! Simple recipe of the proposed vegetables

Based on the survey results, Mr. Suzuki taught me two easy-to-make recipes using the vegetables presented, so here we are.

Daikon Salad Mentaiko Dressing

・ Daikon 300g
・ Kaiware Daikon 1 pack

・ 1 tbsp liquid mentaiko
・ 1/4 teaspoon salt
・ 3 tbsp salad oil
・ 2 tablespoons vinegar

1. 1. Peel off the pulp, cut into 4 cm long pieces and sprinkle a little salt (not included in the amount) to soften.
2. Cut off the roots of Kaiware Daikon trees, wash them and drain.
3. 3. Suitable for dressing materials.
Lightly squeeze the water from 4.1 Daikon, mix with the sauce, place on a plate and add Kaiware Daikon.

In addition to vitamin C, beets also contain isothiocyanate and digestive enzymes, which are gaining attention as ingredients believed to have cancer-preventing effects. It also contains lipase (lipolytic enzymes) and is especially recommended for those who eat meat regularly. If you use Barako, you can create mentaiko right away without the hassle of loosening it.

Spicy mushroom miso soup

・ 2 cups soup
・ Two bowls of your favorite mushrooms (raw shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms, maitake, enokidake, eringi, etc.)
・ 2 tablespoons miso
* If you have Kochujan, 1 tablespoon of miso + 1 tablespoon of Kochujan + 1-2 teaspoons of soybean is fine.

1. 1. Add mushroom and bean soup to soup with miso.
2. When the mushrooms are ripe, sprinkle with sesame oil as you like.

Mushrooms, which are rich in insoluble fiber, help improve bowel movements and eliminate harmful substances that accumulate in the body. It also contains vitamin D and minerals and is low in calories, making it a great dietary ally for women when taken at the beginning of a meal.

The amount of mushrooms will decrease when cooked, so prepare a large amount. If you have excess mushrooms, being able to freeze them in a liquid state is very convenient.

Without Kochujan or Mameban soy sauce, you can make a delicious miso soup by cooking mushroom soup and adding seven chili flavors at the end.

For vegetable growers, a survey of the popularity of this vegetable can be a suggestion for which varieties to grow. Also, please refer to it when setting up shipping locations and sales promotion plans.

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