Vegetables with Romanesco bud, zucchini flower, artichoke, dragon fruit

Introduction of Romanesco

Romanesco is the first western vegetable to eat buds. It is a vegetable of the genus Abrana of the Abrana family and can be incorporated into dishes in a similar way to broccoli and cauliflower.

The dense flower buds spiral in a spiral like turban. The taste is almost like that of potash, and it has a crunchy texture. It has an impact on the look and is great for decorating dishes! You can make the table gorgeous.

Romanesco’s season is said to be from winter to spring, and transit times are slightly earlier from autumn to winter.

How to recognize delicious and fresh Romanesco

Fresh and delicious Romanesco seems heavier without the lack of flower buds. Also, choose one with a nice greenish yellow color overall.

Preparation of Romanesco

Romanesco should be washed into small bundles, boiled with salt, then used to make salad. The body is also soft, so you can slice it thinly and boil it to eat. Fresh food can be eaten raw.

Introduction of pumpkin flowers

Zucchini has become popular as a summer vegetable year after year, and the young fruit just before flowering is the Zucchini flower. A beautiful yellow-to-orange flower is blooming at the tip of a small green pumpkin.

The attraction of Hana Zucchini is that you can eat the whole flower, and the weight is also perfect. In Italy, it seems this flower stuffed cheese and meat is the norm. Pumpkin season from early summer to summer.

How to identify fresh and delicious pumpkin flowers

An important part of the pumpkin flower, as the name implies, is the petal. If the flowers are too blooming or wilting, you should choose a clean one. Check to see if the cut is new. Also, not only check the flowers, but also check if they are really scratched or discolored.

Prepare the zucchini flower

It is usually shipped with a protective cushion packed in the petals so as not to damage the flower at the time of shipping, so exclude it if it is included.

In addition, when eating zucchini flowers, remove any impurities in the flowers and wash the flowers and fruits thoroughly. You should wipe off the water before cooking.

One point makes delicious zucchini flowers

If you stuff the flowers with meat or cheese and cook them in deep frying, be sure to wrap them tightly so the inside doesn’t stick out. Add the ground meat to the flower and bake it in the oven, and you’ll have a stylish, awesome snack. It is also recommended to steam it.

Introduction of Artichokes

Artichoke is an edible vegetable made from the large shoots of thistle. Light sweetness like tuberose and attractive toughness.

It is usually eaten at home in France, but it is not yet popular in Japan. Main demand is mainly for commercial purposes, served in restaurants such as French cuisine.

The main production areas are California, Italy, France, … and many of them are imported to Japan. The artichoke season is early summer.

Prepare artichokes

Artichokes cut the stalks and apply lemon juice to the cut ends to prevent discoloration. Fix the shape of rice with string so that the buds won’t burst, boil for about 30 minutes to cook.

How to distinguish delicious fresh artichoke

The key to differentiating freshness is that the cuttings are fresh, the colors are bright, and the rind is juicy.

Knowledge of artichoke beans

When you eat artichokes, tear off the scaly parts of the bud, hold the top, squeeze and scrape away with your teeth. Cut the center of the flower just eaten.

How to eat artichokes

When you eat artichokes, tear off the scaly parts on the bud, keep the tops, squeeze and scrape off with your teeth. Cut the center of the flower just eaten.

Spices match the artichoke

If you add the melted butter, the artichokes will be richer and more delicious.

Artichoke can be brewed into tea

You break it into small pieces and dry it in the sun to enjoy it like tea.

Introduction to dragon fruit buds

Dragon fruit, known as a tropical fruit, is a fruit with a pleasant petit texture. The shoots of dragon fruits can be eaten as delicious as vegetables.

The shoots of dragon fruit are characterized by an abundance of wild herb cod shoots and the sticky texture of okra. In Japan, most of them come from Okinawa, and dragon fruit season is only from June to November, but dragon fruit is in season from May to August, a little earlier.

How to identify delicious and delicious dragon fruit buds

The key to differentiating fresh produce is that the skin is not scratched and the cut at the base is fresh. Bright green and red are also proof of lush.

Knowledge of dragon fruit bud beans

Storage method

Buds have heat properties should be stored in the refrigerator.

How to cook dragon fruit bud tea

It does very well with oil, so you should make it into tempura and sprinkle with salt. Boiling will make the color worse, but the taste and texture won’t change.

Also, the color will change as soon as it comes into contact with the air, so be sure to cook it right after cutting.

We recommend 4 types of western vegetable buds. In recent years, attention has been focused on young women because of their gorgeous looks. I think a lot of people don’t know how to eat or how to cook.

If you cook with Artichoke or Romanesco during your home party, it will definitely look great on Instagram! Contrary to its splendid appearance, the cooking itself is often very simple, and even beginners can try it easily. If you see any of the ingredients, please give them a try.