Very popular for its refreshing scent! How Pakuchi works and how to eat it

Pakuchi viewed from the world of medicinal food

In the world of healing foods, Pakuchi is classified as warm to Goki and spicy to Gomi. Pakchi’s Chinese names are Shan Tsai and Kozui, also known as “Koendro” and “Cilantro”.

By eating Pakuchi, you can expect activities primarily to promote perspiration.

Pakuchi is often added to meat and fish because it can improve digestion and absorption of food. Try to eat everything that comes with it.

You may or may not like Pakuchi’s scent, but this scent ingredient has the function of moderately stimulating the stomach and improving digestion. Therefore, Pakuchi is said to be very good for anorexia.

If you often have a cold or sick stomach, eating little by little each day will improve your body.

In Europe, Pakuchi seeds are used as an herb. It is said that sharpening the seeds and drinking them promotes the release of gases that build up in the gut. And it has the function of relieving the pain of the stomach.

How to use Pakuchi as a medicine

If you don’t have cravings, eat them raw

Pakuchi’s unique scent can increase cravings. If you don’t have cravings due to bats in the summer, you should eat raw pakuchi.

Drug precautions of Pakuchi

Pakuchi is a food that has a moderate stomach-stimulating effect. Therefore, be careful not to overeat while checking body condition.

Challenge the herbal dish with the recipe “Ethnic salad with pakuchi”

Renkon’s crunchy texture, Pakuchi’s unique aroma and the refreshing acidity of lemons will keep you delighted, we present a perfect medicinal recipe for hot and refreshing seasons.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

・ Rencon 80g
・ Combination seasoning A: 100 ml water 2 tablespoons vinegar 20 grams sugar A little salt
・ 3 or 4 raw pakuchi
・ Peeled shrimp 40 grams
・ Onion 20g
・ Carrot 10g
・ 1 teaspoon black sesame

・ Combination seasoning B: 1 teaspoon chili sauce, 2 teaspoons honey, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 garlic, a little Nampula red pepper (fish sauce) 2 teaspoons


1. 1. Peel the renkon shell and cut into thin slices at a temperature of about 2 mm.
2. Quickly boil Renkon and remove quickly through cold water to drain.
3. 3. Add season A to a bowl and let the lentils soak for about 30 minutes.
Four. Peeled shrimp quickly wash through boiling water mixed with salt and drain.
Five. Cut the onion into thin slices, carrot into thin slices, pakuchi into bite-sized pieces.
6. Fry black sesame seeds lightly until fragrant.
7. 7. Combine seasoning B garlic and chopped red chili and combine with other B ingredients.
number 8. Prepare another bowl and add the peeled shrimp, onion and carrot.
9. Pour seasoning B into the shrimp bowl and mix well.
Ten. Dip the rice flakes, take the juice, drain it, place it in a bowl, and sprinkle the ingredients of the peeled shrimp bowl from above.
11. Finally, add the black sesame seeds and the pakuchi.

In recent years, Pakuchi’s popularity has grown rapidly, and we have introduced the medicinal dish function of Pakuchi. Some people don’t like Pakuchi’s scent, but many people like it. It is the vegetable that you want to be nutritious because the healing foods work well. If you are not good, go to “Pakuchi good food”. First of all, I recommend you to try a really delicious Pakuchi.

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