What and how to choose What to eat? Nutrition and preservation methods

Onions have been cultivated since BC

It is no exaggeration to say that there is no day when we don’t eat onions, whether at home or out. Onions are a familiar vegetable to us and used in various dishes. There are two types of administration. There are “hot onions” represented by yellow onions and “sweet onions” represented by white onions. In addition, due to the small number of onions, purple onions and “Pekoros” small onions with a diameter of about 4 cm are also gaining popularity recently.

Onions are native to Central Asia and were introduced to Egypt and Europe in BC. It was introduced to the United States around the 17th century, and it is said that it moved from the United States to Japan at the beginning of the Meiji era. By the way, many varieties with the “Tam Tu Vang” variety were introduced at this time as their parents are still planted.

How to distinguish delicious onions from fresh and delicious onions

Onions are fresh and delicious, onions are shiny and feel heavy. Avoid anything with a soft head and shoulders as the insides can rot.
Fresh evidence is that the skin is dry and shiny, the roots are not overgrown.

Nutrition onions

The spicy and odor component of onions is a substance called “allyl sulfide”, which is believed to have a bactericidal effect and facilitate absorption of vitamin B1 and other substances. Therefore, by cooking with pork, which contains a lot of vitamin B1 in meats, you can actively take in vitamin B1 and boost your metabolism.

Vitamin B1 has the function of helping the blood not be cloudy and reducing the lipid in the blood, which in turn is effective in preventing arteriosclerosis. Furthermore, the ingredient called quercetin found in onion skin is a type of flavonoid pigment and is believed to have antioxidant effects.

How to preserve onions

When storing onions, pack each onion in newspaper and keep in a well-ventilated place. Also put in a net instead of newspaper and hang on the wall for storage. Be sure to store fresh onions in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment. It is very perishable, so try to eat it for a few days.

Spring is the time when onions tend to sprout. When onions sprout, the nutrients and water contained in onions are deprived of their taste. Take care not to leave it in the dark because it will easily germinate.

If you stir-fry the onion and freeze it, you can use it right away as a secret ingredient for curries and stews.

Season and season

Hokkaido is the province with the highest production of onions. Onions are vegetables distributed all year round. Most of the products sold between September and March are from Hokkaido, and products made in other manufacturing regions are from around April.

Prepare onions

Put the onions in the water

When eaten raw, should be dried in water to reduce the spicy and characteristic pungent odor, making it easier to eat with salad. However, if you dry them for too long, you need to be careful because the umami ingredients and nutrients are lost together. The new onions are less spicy, so they will taste better without water.

When peeling onions

When peeling onions, soaking them in water will soften the skin and make it easier to peel.

What machine can’t onions see?

If onions are hard to see, refrigerate them in the refrigerator before cutting them. It is said that the amount of evaporation of allyl sulfide, an ingredient that stimulates, decreases, and reduces eye irritation.

One point to make onions delicious

Cooking method when you want to create sweetness

If you want the onions to lose their sweetness, stir fry them slowly, not boil them. Stir-fried onions are also used as Western-style stews because they not only add rich flavor but also eliminate the fishy smell of the meat.

Type of onion

white onions

A sweet, less spicy and pungent kind of onion. You can enjoy it like it does with salad without seeing salt.

Red onions

It is characterized by high water content and sweetness. One is also suitable for salads as it comes in a variety of colors. It turns pink when soaked in vinegar, so it is also recommended for pickles.

Onion salad

As the name suggests, it is suitable for salads as it is more sweet and less spicy. This is an early ripening variety that has been on the market since late March.


It is made by collecting white onions and picking them early. You can also eat leaves.

Onions with salt

It is an onion grown with seawater and salt. It is characterized by less irritation and a strong sweetness.


Yellow onions are dense and planted to limit growth. It’s small, about 4 cm in diameter, so you can just put it in a pot or stew and eat it.

There are different types of onions, and lately there are many suitable for salad dressings, so give it a try. Slowly fried onion powder in candy color is the magical foundation of Western cuisine. Should be done at a time and refrigerated to save time.