What is “Barbecue Marketing” where you can collect your favorite meat and vegetables?

How did BBQ farmers get started

The origin of Agricultural BBQ is “Miyaji Pig BBQ” organized in 2005 by Yusuke Miyaji, who runs a pig farmer in Shonan, Kanagawa prefecture, renting a corner of an orchard.

This is an event where producers and consumers hold a barbecue with the purpose of direct communication so they can eat their own brand pork “Miyaji pork”. Mr. Miyaji named this “marketing of barbecue”.

Twenty people gathered at the first barbecue, but the taste of “Miyaji pork” became popular, and the number of participants increased in waves. At the same time, awareness increased, and restaurants began to call for deals.

In August 2017, we will establish “BBQ Farmer Co., Ltd.” with the theme “I want to support more producers through the marketing of barbecue”. Behind this, I also want to help NPO “Farmer’s Kosegare Network”, represented by Mr. Miyaji, and support the return of “Kosegare,” to have a farmer at his parents’ home.

“In the case of Miyaji Pork, marketing barbecue is a very good weapon for small farmers who are just starting out in agriculture. The barbecue uses a variety of ingredients such as vegetables as well as meat. why Farmers I think we can support different producers through barbecue, “said Mr. Ozawa.