What is the key to preventing odors? How to preserve garlic and how to nutrition and cook

The unique scent is the greatest characteristic of garlic

Garlic is a vegetable belonging to the Negi genus Yuri. It has an attractive scent and is used in various cuisines around the world, and has been used as a medicinal plant in ancient times. The strength of the fragrance is by far the best among vegetables, and it is also well known in Europe as a food that Dracula is not good at.

The origin is believed to be Central Asia, but details are unknown. It arrived in Japan before the Heian period, but it gained popularity among the people after World War II. It is a relatively new food for the Japanese.

How to distinguish delicious garlic from delicious fresh garlic

Fresh, fresh garlic is big, round and dried. However, if it dries too much, the water inside may fly away and the fruit becomes smaller, so make sure to be heavy. Avoid sprouts.

Nutrition garlic

The strong odor of garlic is due to the “alicin” component. This is created when an odorless ingredient called “Ariin” changes when it comes into contact with air. So the finer the garlic, such as minced, the stronger the scent.

Alicin has a bactericidal effect and helps in the secretion of digestive juices, and is believed to have a vasodilating effect and improves blood flow.

In addition, it contains a lot of vitamin B1, indispensable to convert sugar and fat into energy, should be cooked with meat. Note should not eat too full because it has a high tonic effect.

How to preserve garlic

Carrots will last for several months if stored in a net and hung in a well-ventilated place. If you don’t have space to hang it, wrap it in newspaper, put it in a plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator’s vegetable compartment.

Season and time of garlic

Ta garlic is a stable source of garlic all year round, but the season for new products is from May to September. Aomori prefecture has the largest garlic production, accounting for more than half of the market share.

Use garlic wisely

Domestic and Chinese

When buying garlic, the question is whether to choose domestic or Chinese garlic. If you want to taste and smell, you should choose domestic products.

The garlic in the water is white, a large bulb and has a strong flavor. Chinese products are cheap, stocked but slightly smaller than domestic ones and have a slight green scent.

For garlic-based dishes, such as garlic baked in foil, if you use a domestic product it will be delicious.

Prepare the garlic

The slightly green garlic core is turning into sprouts. It’s okay to eat, but the smell is strong and the taste should be discarded. However, if garlic or new shoots are not growing, you do not need to remove them.

One point to make garlic delicious

When using it as a condiment for cooking, slowly fry the chopped food over low heat. After that, you can deliver good taste. Even when using oil, it burns easily, so make sure you fry slowly over low heat.
Hash when you want to maximize the scent. On the other hand, if you want to deodorize, reheat it in a microwave for 30 seconds with a thin cover to reduce the smell. If you are concerned about the smell on your hands, you should remove the roots and soak in water for about 3 minutes with the rest of the skin remaining.

Type of garlic

Jumbo garlic

As a plant, it is a different kind of leaky root from garlic. Another name is odorless garlic.


It is a type of garlic that does not clump up and lie in one mass. It features easy cooking, low odor and less irritation.

Garlic bud

The trunk is rod-shaped, with buds. It is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. Perfect for stir-fries.

Purple garlic

Garlic has a light taste and mauve color.

Black Garlic

It is aged and fermented garlic. It has a strong sweetness, is soft and has a slight odor.

Garlic leaves

It is made from young garlic leaves. The Chinese Mao Tofu is indispensable.

Garlic flowers

It is a garlic plant with buds. You can enjoy the buds with tempura.

Garlic is a nutritious and nutritious vegetable that is truly refined. By incorporating it into your daily diet, you can expect health benefits and appetite-boosting effects. Why don’t you use garlic as a highlight in your dish?