What is the method of preserving plants that do not sprout? Origin and variety of potatoes

Potatoes can be divided into processed, starchy and raw foods

Recently, different varieties of potatoes with very different flavors and textures have emerged. Even if you’re not a professional chef, there are lots of people who use different types of potatoes depending on the dish.

In terms of production, it can be divided into three categories: used to process chips, used as starch as raw material for kataguri powder, and used as raw materials. The potatoes we usually eat are classified as raw and powdered, such as Baron and Kitaakali, and are characterized by being chewy and sticky, difficult to crush, such as clear and Nishiyutaka. It can be divided into.

By the way, “new potato” doesn’t mean a variety, but a potato that has just been dug from the ground. Regardless of the variety, the new Jaga variety is characterized by thin, fresh skin.

How to distinguish a good potato from a fresh one

Potatoes are fresh and delicious without sprouting, thin skin, less wrinkles. Be sure to choose potatoes that are round, full-bodied and not too big. When fresh, it is thicker and more uniform in color than it looks.

When exposed to the sun, the skin turns green and produces solanin, so avoid green ones.

Potato nutrition

Vitamin C is the most abundant nutrient. Fresh varieties are rich in vitamin C such as citrus. Eating 200 grams of potatoes will provide you with the necessary amount of vitamin C each day.

Furthermore, although vitamin C is generally poor heat resistant and easily soluble in water, it is said that the vitamin C contained in potatoes does not spoil easily even when cooked as it is protected by starch. In addition, potatoes are called “pom de terre = earth apple” in France because they are rich in other vitamins like vitamins B1, B6 and niacin.

Season and time of potatoes

Potato is a vegetable available in the market year round. Hokkaido accounts for nearly three-quarters of domestic production, and many types are shipped mainly from August to April.

How to preserve potatoes

When storing potatoes at home, wrap them in newspaper and keep in a well-ventilated area. It is said that a cool and dark place around 5 ° C is preferable. When storing potatoes, one tip is that if you put an apple in the potato, it will be difficult to sprout due to the influence of ethylene gas produced by the apple. If you cut potatoes that won’t last long, wrap them in plastic wrap and keep them in the refrigerator’s vegetable drawer so you can eat them as soon as possible.

Prepare the potatoes

When the potato buds are coming out

Because the potato buds contain solanin that causes food poisoning, buds that have grown should be removed. Solanin is not only contained in the bud but also in the surrounding area, so be sure to empty the roots.

To prevent the cutterhead from discoloring

The tip of the potato turns black when exposed to air. Immediately after cutting, you rinse with water and let them dry for 5 to 10 minutes to prevent discoloration, in addition you can remove the acrid and starch so as not to collapse.

When you want to boil and freeze potatoes

If you store the boiled potato in the freezer, the water inside will freeze and the texture will deteriorate. That is why it is said that curry containing potatoes should not be frozen. If you want to keep potatoes frozen, boil them with the skin to prevent vitamin leaks, crush them like mashed potatoes and then freeze.

One point to make delicious potatoes

When you boil potatoes while making croquettes, be sure to boil them with the skin to avoid water-soluble vitamins. Alternatively, by boiling it in a water bath instead of boiling it, you can make it chewy and delicious.

Types of potatoes


A cultivar that has been familiar for a long time in Japan. It has a dough and chewy texture, making it suitable for potato and potato dough salads.

Make up

Representation of adhesion. It is an elongated potato and is easy to peel because it has no buds. Ideal for curries and simmering dishes.

Kita Akari

It is a potato with a skin and dark yellow color. Because it is a fine powder, dishes such as potato butter are recommended.

Awakening of the Inca

Originated from the Andes in South America. It is a bit sticky and has a sweet nutty taste.


It is a variant of Inca Awakening. It has a nutty flavor and smooth texture. Suitable for security dishes.

Queen of darkness

Due to its high concentration of anthocyanins, it is characterized by a bluish purple color on both skin and body. Easy to peel and suitable for fried foods.


The shell and the insides are pale yellow, typically slightly sticky and have a deep sweet taste. It is a recent popular variety suitable for various purposes such as salads, boiled foods and fried foods.

Fat potatoes! Many people may think that it is a vegetable with fewer calories than white rice in terms of calories. Potatoes can be used for a variety of purposes such as boiled and fried foods, and are a valuable source of energy. So fry the whole baby in the new Jaga season because it’s delicious.