10 of the best sweets delivered from ranches across the country, Part 2

Home-made food set at Aichi Farm 10,000 yen (Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture)

A variety of products are handcrafted at a Aichi farm in Nisshin City, Aichi Prefecture. Contains 4 peach pudding, 4 150ml yogurt drinks and 1 milk jam. “Mo-mo pudding” is made from locally harvested eggs and milk from Aichi Farm. “Yogurt” is characterized by made from only raw milk and lactic acid bacteria without any added supplements. The moderately sweet taste and moderate acidity make it easy to drink, and it is also recommended for fitness management. “Milk jam” is made by slowly boiling milk from the farm.

At Aichi Farm, we always work from dairy farming to dairy production, and we manufacture and sell each carefully crafted dairy product. The animals are raised on the large grounds of Aichi Ranch, in addition you can experience interacting with goats, sheep, rabbits, … at Animal Square. In addition, on the farm there are restaurants, shops, gelato houses, barbecue gardens, … which are spots that you can enjoy throughout the day.

After payment confirmation, items returned will be delivered cold at any time.

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Kubota Farm Cheese & Ice Cream Set 13,000 yen (Nanahancho, Hokkaido)

It is an ice cream set (apple, vanilla, milk, coffee, sesame) and two 190-gram mozzarella cheese from Kubota Farm in Nanai-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido.

The Kubota farm located in Onuma’s dairy area called Milk Road is a farm that raises about 200 dairy cows. We are particularly interested in safe tillage and turf, and were selected with excellence at the “Hokkaido Grassland Competition”.

Cheese and cream are made from healthy cow’s milk grown on homegrass and corn in a rich natural environment. The cream is produced without additives according to the “over-low production method” with low air content. By holding the air, a smooth melting in the mouth and a rich texture have been created. Mozzarella is also made without additives.

Items returned will be delivered frozen within 1 to 2 months after payment is confirmed.

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Lovely farm cheesecake set 10,000 yen (Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture)

Lovely Ranch is a farm on the Oku-Echizen Plateau in Fukui Prefecture, where jersey species are grazing in the mountains and freely feeding green grass. Jersey milk from stress-free cows is sometimes described as the thickest milk in the world. We perform sterilization at low temperatures so as not to lose the freshly squeezed flavor.

The reward was a set of rare cheesecakes and cheesecakes made from lots of jersey milk. Includes 3 rare cheesecake from Snow Country, which is an image of Mount Hakusan, and 1 milk cake, which is an image of the full moon.

Although it is a frozen delivery, it is a handcraft without using additives, so its shelf life is about 1 month when frozen and 3 days after thawing. Application available year round.

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Abe Farm Milk & Nomu Yogurt Set 15,000 yen (Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture)

Set of 5 200ml “ASOMILK” milk from Abe Farm in Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture, 5 200ml nomu yogurt, 68g (bottled) milk biscuits and 1 special refrigerated bag.

“ASO MILK” has been awarded the highest three-star rating by the International Taste Test Organization. Because it is a rare farm with farms and processing plants, freshly squeezed milk can be sterilized at low temperatures. Milk that has been pasteurized at 63 ° C for 30 minutes is a gem so you can enjoy the natural sweetness of the floral scent.

“Nomu Yogurt” is an additive-free nomu yogurt fermented only with milk and sugar, very rare in Japan. “Milk biscuits” don’t use any eggs, so even people with allergies can eat it confidently.

Abe Farm not only works on grass, but also produces rice for feed and uses leftovers as food. The drinking water of cows is also natural groundwater filtered in the Aso land.

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Set of Oenosato 17,000 yen (Yatomachi, Tottori Prefecture)

The Oenosato Nature Farm in Yato-cho, Yato-gun, Tottori Prefecture, is located at the foot of the mountain in China. We talk specifically about “flat farming”, which is free-range farming on flat ground and chicken farming in a stress-free environment. The result is a healthy body without an antibiotic-containing diet. “Tenbi eggs” created in this way are rich in nutrients like DHA and EPA (Eikosapentaenoic acid), and achieve low cholesterol levels.

“Oenosato Set” is a package of Amami eggs (10 pieces of size M) and a variety of candies made at Oenosato Nature Farm. A luxury set includes 4 tarts, 4 purines and 1 baumkuchen. In particular, the most popular dessert at Oenosato Nature Farm is “Oenosato Purin”. It is characterized by a mellow flavor, created by adding more Amami eggs and fresh milk and then slowly baking at low heat.

Application and delivery are available year round and will be delivered in the refrigerator.

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You can enjoy the farm’s unique fresh dairy-based sweets and eggs as presents this time around. Why don’t you try using Furusato Tax Payment?