5 types of super luxury meats that can be eaten are Matsusaka beef and Tajima beef, which are priced from 100,000 to 300,000 yen

The best barbecue set from Kumamoto prefecture 100,000 yen (Ushiro city, Kumamoto prefecture)

Ujo City, Kumamoto Prefecture, is located in the heart of Kumamoto prefecture, facing the Shiranui Sea and the Ariake Sea, and is known as the gateway to the sea of ​​Kumamoto Prefecture. I would recommend “Kumamoto’s Best Roast Meat Set” as a tax item in Ujo city, which also has a green agricultural area.

A variety of 9 carefully selected meats and a rich set of meals, suitable for family and friends to enjoy at home parties. Package includes shoulderloin, lean shoulder meat, loin loin, slice tenderloin, special veal, each 200g pork, 100g (domestic) thick sliced ​​beef tongue, back loin and loin roasted each 300 g, yukke horse 280 g (Canada) A total of 1,980 grams of assorted sets (bred in Kumamoto). It contains a variety of beef, pork, horse meat, you can eat all the time without getting tired.

You can apply all year round and it will be shipped frozen.

“Hokkaido Japanese black humpback” special steak 100,000 yen (Hokkaido Shin Hidaka Town)

The town of Shin-Hidaka, Hidaka-gun, Hokkaido, has the Pacific Ocean in the southwest and the Hidaka Mountains in the northeast, and is known for farming and fishing as well as for horse racing.

“Hokkaido Wagyu Kobukuro” is a Japanese beef raised on Matsumoto Ranch Co., Ltd.’s own farm. in Shin-Hidaka Town. By mixing Hidaka kelp and rice flour, a specialty of the Hidaka region, with food and growing it, the depth of lean meat increases and the fat is no longer chewy. So you can enjoy it with a delicious and refreshing taste even in fatty areas.

The contents of the assortment were 4 pieces of 200 grams of tenderloin and ribulose and 1 kg of triangle rose steak. It goes well with wasabi soy sauce and wasabi pon vinegar, and can be enjoyed with a variety of sauces. The expiration date is 180 days when frozen.

The town of Shin-Hidaka introduced a points system and you can earn points by donating 10,000 yen or more.

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Tenderloin special “Mikata Tajima 3 types of beef” 200,000 yen (Asarai City, Hyogo Prefecture)

The “Mikata Tajima beef” set is raised on a farm in the Mikata region, Hyogo Prefecture, home to “Tajima beef” known as the brand beef.

Mikata Tajima beef is raised on Mikata Farm in Muraoka, home of Tajima beef in northern Hyogo prefecture. A farm and barn were built on a small, secluded hill to reduce stress on the cows. Mikata Tajima beef grows freely in an abundant area with different temperatures, and when the fibers are heated finely, “sashi” melts. The high-quality fat melts into the taste buds of the soft meats, and you can feel the signature mellowness of Mikata Tajima beef.

The special trio of loins is a luxury set that includes 680 grams for sukiyaki / shabushabu, 680 grams for steak and 160 grams for steak x 5 pieces. You can fully enjoy the taste of Mikata Tajima beef.

You can apply for the whole year and it will be frozen within 30 days after payment confirmation. The expiration date is 30 days for freezing and within 2 days of being returned to the refrigerator.

“Beef (Kuroge Japanese beef from Okinawa Prefecture)” Carefully selected ingredients collection 300,000 yen (Ie village, Okinawa Prefecture)

Ie Beef Co., Ltd., the producer “Gathering carefully selected volumes of Ie beef”, is thoroughly committed to the feed and breeding environment.

Grass and sugarcane absorb nutrients from the limestone layer of Okinawa Prefecture, which are rich in minerals and considered essential for the growth of Japanese black beef produced in Okinawa Prefecture. In addition, by properly evaluating delivery time, progress of breeding and switching to fattening, high-grade meat can be sold at low prices.

Set of 350 grams of tenderloin x 3 pieces, 600 grams of special sukiyaki x 2 pieces, 800 grams of lean sukiyaki, 800 grams of barbecue, and 150 grams of chateau bryan x 4 pieces. With a hearty set of dishes, you can enjoy both the flavor of lean beef and fragrant fat.

It is frozen and has a shelf life of about 45 days when it is frozen.

“Matsusaka beef” back tenderloin 300,000 yen (Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture)

In Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture, you can get 2 kg of Matsusaka beef sirloin for the amount of 300,000 yen. By aging the ribulose clump below the freezing point, the flavor is condensed and the flavor is further enhanced. In addition, because the meat is incubated by electromagnetic waves, the meat can be incubated for a short time, making it difficult to develop mold and bacteria, and the finished meat has good quality.

The producer of this Matsusaka beef is Yamakoya Co., Ltd., which operates a barbecue shop in Matsusaka city, Mie prefecture, with the motto “World’s best beef, world’s best, cheapest in the world. “. Grilled meat made from professional meat is delicious when you eat it.

You can apply for the whole year and it will be shipped in a refrigerated state, so the expiration date is 4 days from the date of handling. Because it’s lumpy meat, you can cut it to your favorite size and enjoy.


Although the contributions are large, paying the Furusato tax is a great one that you can enjoy for just a small amount. Why do not you enjoy the premium meat that “wanted to try it once” for a long time, using the home tax money.

Hometown tax payment list of “super luxurious meat dish 100,000-300,000 yen”