Beautify your skin with the blessings of nature! 5 best cosmetics using special products

Akita cedar oil 5ml 10,000 yen (Akita city, Akita prefecture) which I would recommend as a remedy against pollinosis

An essential oil made from “Akita cedar”, one of the three great forests of Japan. This is a valuable oil that can only collect 100 ml from a bottle. It has a gentle scent that is not too strong so it can be used in any place and any setting.

Akita cedar essential oil is said to deliver the “α waves” that appear when you are relaxing and concentrating. It is also recommended while driving, working or studying when stress continues. It is also believed to have effects like suppressing the rise in blood pressure, sedating, suppressing tick growth, and antibacterial.

You can use it in a variety of ways, such as placing it on the headboard while sleeping, or diluting it and spraying it on a mask. You can apply for gifts before September 30, 2018 and the expiration date is one year after opening. Akita City has introduced a points system, and 10,000 points will be awarded for a 10,000 yen donation. This essential oil can be exchanged for 10,000 points.

Masuko Sotoike Sake Brewery “Kuramoto Bijin” Hand Cream Set 10,000 yen (Masuko Town, Tochigi Prefecture)

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This is the Tochiotome hand lotion set that has a soft, creamy texture that is gentle on the hands and contains sake “Sanran” and strawberry “Tochiotome” from Tochigi prefecture, which boasts the largest production in Japan.

Japanese sake has long been considered good for beautiful skin. In recent years, it is often not only used for drinking but also used as cosmetics. “Kuramoto Bijin Smooth Hand Cream” is a “fermented rice liquid” that uses organically grown rice and contains many ingredients derived from rice. The faint scent of Japanese sake and the non-greasy feel are appealing.

“Tochiotome Hand Cream” is a hand cream that contains Tochiotome (strawberry juice), a strawberry type produced in Tochigi prefecture. The main ingredient is the sweet and sour aroma of strawberry and milk that goes well with it, it contains vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. It is characterized by non-greasy and refreshing feeling and sweet aroma of Tochiotome.

The reward is set of 3 hand creams (50 grams) and one Tochiotome hand lotion (50 grams).

Tokachi Urahoro Okada Farm Ichikuro’s cosmetic set 12,000 yen (Urahoro Town, Hokkaido)

A set of lotion and soap made from Kurosengoku from “Farm Tokachi Urahoro Okada” in Urahoro-cho, Tokachi-gun, Hokkaido. Kurosengoku is a type of black soybean that is native to Hokkaido. It has a higher content of isoflavones and polyphenols in soybeans than other black soybeans and is not only ideal for eating, but also good for the skin. The cultivation stopped for a while, and it was thought to be a ghost, but it was revived on a private farm in Urahoro-cho and became the series “Ichikuro Cosmetics”.

“Ichikuro no Mizu” (lotion) contains many Kurosengoku bean extracts. For those concerned about dry skin, lack of firmness and age signs. “Ichikuro no Awa” (sekken) is a rare dish made from Kurosengoku soybean flour. It has elasticity and has fine foams to support normal skin and smooth texture.

Tokachi Urahoro Okada Farm, where it is produced, is cultivating agricultural products with minimized chemical fertilizers with the motto of safety, assurance and deliciousness.

Evening white yuzu fragrance full set 20,000 yen (Yayo City, Kumamoto Prefecture)

The soap and bath soap using the world’s largest citrus “Banpeiyu”, is a special product from Yashiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture and has also been registered with the Guinness World Records. The evening white Yuzu is harvested from December to April every year, with a characteristic aroma that is slightly sweet and sour.

The owner of Hinagu Onsen Ryokan in Yashiro City cuts fruit by hand, and with the technical cooperation of the Kumamoto National College of Technology’s Yashiro Facility, has succeeded in extracting natural essential oils from late white yuzu fruit. Natural essential oils and peel powder are kneaded into soaps and bath agents, so you can enjoy the sweet and sour scent of evening white yuzu at any time.

Furthermore, soap is kneaded with the hot spring water of Hinagu Onsen, discovered about 600 years ago. It is famous for its clean foam and moisturized skin.

In return, 60 grams of evening white yuzu soap (face wash soap) x 8 pieces and Banpei Yuno Kaori (bath agent) 25 grams x 10 bags are included.

Set of 3 pieces Mitsuro Tsubaki (Natural Mitsurou Skin Cream) 30,000 yen (Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture)

Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture, is located at the western end of Fukui Prefecture. There are a variety of landscapes such as Uchiura district, which shows the character of the coast of Rias, and Wada district, Takahama town and Aogo prefecture, which has an 8 km long white sand beach and pine forest, and is crowded shower in summer.

The rewards are camellia oil made by squeezing the seeds of camellia that grow naturally along Wakasa Bay and a natural beetle lotion made only from Japanese bees in the Kyotango region. You can enjoy three scents: Mitsuro Tsubaki Plain, Mitsuro Tsubaki Rose, and Mitsuro Tsubaki Lavender.

Plain has a simple scent, roses have a gentle rose scent with Novara oil, and lavender with lavender oil is perfect when you want to relax. It can be used for various care like skin care, body care, nail care, lip care and hand care. Each one is easy to carry, so it is recommended for daily care.


Beauty items using special products from all over the country are full of natural gifts. Why don’t you include it in your daily care?

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