Darmanin promises a “grand system” against VAT fraud

Bercy will strive to fight more effectively against VAT fraud, from next year, thanks to an ad hoc “grand system” which will see the light of day in the next budget, the Minister of Public Accounts announced Thursday.

“In the finance bill, I am going to set up a large system (…) to fight against VAT tax fraud,” said Gérald Darmanin on Public Senate, without giving more details on the terms of this system.

Strengthen the means of control with artificial intelligence

“There is a lot of VAT fraud, VAT carousel (a type of fraud-Editor’s note)”, he explained. “We are going to put an end to that in this year’s finance bill and then, moreover, we will strengthen the means of control with artificial intelligence.”

The value added tax is the tax which brings in the most money to the State, with nearly 170 billion euros in revenue in 2018, almost 100 billion euros more than the tax on income, according to figures from INSEE.

(with Reuters)