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Honey set (hundred flowers honey and orange honey) 300 grams each 10,000 yen (Yoshinogawa city, Tokushima prefecture)

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It is the natural honey set “Hyakka honey” and “Mikan honey” from Kajiura Bee Garden in Kawashima town, Yoshinogawa city, Tokushima prefecture. 100% homemade honey of Kajiura Bee Garden has the motto “not adding anything, drawing nothing”. It is bottled in a natural state, just pressed, without any mixing or heat treatment. Therefore, you can enjoy the unique taste of natural honey.

“Hyakka honey” is made from the nectar of flowers that bloom in the wild mountains of Kawashima Town, where there is plenty of nature. It is a completely natural honey in water and characterized by its delicate sweetness and high aroma. Since it is not heat sterilized, it can be used by taking advantage of nutrients like enzymes and vitamins. You can enjoy it even if you put it in coffee.

“Mikan honey” has a clear yellow color, and a refreshing scent and mikan’s sweet and sour taste spreads in your mouth. Applications can be made year round and will be sent within 2 weeks of payment confirmation.

List of home tax payment “darling”

Handmade fruit jam with no domestic additives 6 pieces 10,000 yen (Tenri City, Nara Prefecture)

Carefully selected set of 6 hand-crafted jams, mainly seasonal fruits. We buy seasonal ingredients such as strawberries, oranges, figs, lemons, blueberries, kiwis, apples and ume from the farmers and process them manually.

We use carefully selected fruit from Nara prefecture and Japan, mainly from Tenri city, for the production of jam while also appreciating the properties of the ingredients. The additive-free jam dish is gently completed with lemon juice, everyone can rest assured.

It’s smoother than regular jam, so you should combine it with yogurt. Since the set includes seasonal fruits, the flavor of jam varies depending on the season.

“Jam” hometown tax payment list

Koiwai Milk Products 10,000 yen (Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture)

A variety of fresh dairy products are around the Koiwai Farm (Shizukuishi Town, Takizawa City) in Iwate Prefecture. Package includes re-edition pure butter, Koiwai Margarine (with fermented butter), sliced ​​cheese (with fermented butter), melted sliced ​​cheese (with fermented butter), warm cheese, 6P cream cheese and blueberry jam (195 grams). There are 7 types that are active on the daily dining table.

Provided by Koiwai Farm Products Co., Ltd. We are a company that makes products that make best use of the taste and flavor of the ingredients, and is working on improving and thoroughly implementing a quality assurance system. Applications can be made year round and will be sent within 2 weeks of payment confirmation.

Tax payment list in the home country of “dairy products”

Kozu butter and cheddar cheese 10,000 yen (Shimonita Town, Gunma Prefecture)

It is the oldest Western-style farm in Japan and is a traditional fermented butter (salt and canned) from Kozu Farm and perennial cheddar cheese with an age of 6 months or more. You can enjoy the rich, rich and mellow aroma of fermented butter and the rich flavor of cheddar cheese. All butter and cheese are handcrafted in the farm factory.

Kozu Farm is believed to be the oldest Western-style farm in Japan, opened in 1890 by building a warehouse in Shimonita-cho, Kanraku-gun, Gunma Prefecture. We raise the seeds of jersey and feed them grass grown from the seeds. We also compost our own and go towards organic farming.

Hometown tax list of “cheese”

Japanese honey and seasonal jam set collected by Japanese bees 13,000 yen (Takano Town, Wakayama Prefecture)

Takano Town, Wakayama Prefecture, is located in the northeastern part of Wakayama prefecture, and is a town surrounded by nature with Takanoyama at its center, the sacred site of the Shingon Takanoyama sect, opened by Kobo Daishi Kukai as a courtyard. practice. There are many famous places.

We will deliver seasonal jams from blueberry, mandarin, strawberry, nable, kiwi, persimmon, strawberry, peach, … as a bonus.
Wami is a limited edition product.

“Jam” hometown tax payment list

We introduce butter, cheese, honey and jam made with fresh, local ingredients. Why don’t you take advantage of Furusato Tax Payment, where you can get a variety of items while at home.