Enjoy a healthy taste! 5 best lean cuts of meat

* Since the information is November 2017, the gifts may be out of stock in each locality.
Please note that.

“Toritori Wagyu” for kebabs (300 grams) 10,000 yen (Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture)

Kurayoshi city is located in the heart of Tottori prefecture, blessed with rich natural environment, including Sekikin Onsen, selected as one of the 100 best hot springs in Japan.

“Toritori Wagyu” is a Wagyu that won division 7 at the 11th National Wagyu Advancement Council held in Miyagi Prefecture in 2017. As a bonus item, you can have slices steaks using peaches and kata ratings A4 and A5 between Japanese Tottori beef. Lean meat with moderate marbling has a rich aroma when grilled.
Japanese Tottori beef is also noted for its high oleic acid value, which is also known as olive oil and camellia oil. So it is perfect for those who care about their health. This gift contains about 300 grams and is shipped frozen.

Soybean beef tender lean lean meat (for steaks, 400 grams) 16,000 yen (Tsukuba Mirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

If you donate more than 16,000 yen for Tsukuba Mirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture, you can get 400 grams of lean Soya beef from Soya Misaki Beef Farm.

At Soya Misaki Cattle Farm, all grass is self-sufficient and keep record of livestock history, and farm sanitation is carefully managed such as conducting regular pathogens. We are provided with certified feed on production standards, and we are special about disclosing information.

Soya’s naturally raised lean meat is soft and has a cool taste. It is also convenient for storage as it is sent frozen.

Tsukuba City Mirai, Ibaraki Prefecture introduced a point system. You can earn 10,000 points by donating 10,000 yen.

“Akan Malt Beef” A (230g x 3) 20,000 yen (Kushiro City, Hokkaido)

Kushiro City, Hokkaido is known as the city with the mysterious lake “Akanko” where natural monuments of Marimo and Himemasu swim. Wild nature is left around Lake Akan and natural monuments tancho is inhabited.

“Akan malt beef” is raised at Nagamura Farm in Kushiro City, which is rich in nature. The characteristic of Akan malt is raised by fermenting beer yeast using the underground water of the Akan Mountains that flows 200 meters underground. By eating yeast and grass foods, we have realized the best lean meat where you can enjoy the smooth texture of the meat without the original beef odor and flavor.
In addition, the climate has a large year-round temperature difference resulting in moderate “tightness” and “good fat quality” for beef.

The reward contains three slices of Sarlon weighing 230g. It is delivered frozen and has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture.

“Oyama Wagyu” highest grade A5 lean Wagyu for barbecue (900 grams) 25,000 yen (Oyama City, Tochigi prefecture)

Aizawa Shoten, a commercial meat wholesaler in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, offers “the highest grade A5 Japanese lean beef for barbecue”. “Oyama Wagyu” is the title given only to the special Wagyu beef raised in Oyama city among Tochigi prefectural brand Wagyu Tochigi beef. Oyama Wagyu is rated as having the highest quality of meat, fat and so on.

As a bonus, you can get 900 grams of Japanese Oyama Beef Grade A5 lean meat for roast. It is delivered frozen and the expiration date is 3 months after arrival.

Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture has adopted a points system in which 20 points are awarded for the amount of 10,000 yen and 5 points are awarded for every 2,500 yen for 10,000 yen or more.

“Awaji beef (Kobe beef)” class A4 lean upper meat for shabushabu (1 kg) 50,000 yen (Minami Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Minami Awaji City (Awaji Island), Hyogo Prefecture, is a major beef producing region in Japan, this can be said to be the home of Tajima beef, and is said to be the origin of the top Japanese beef brand. Copy.

“Awaji Beef” is the finest marble with soft texture, fine fat penetrating the muscles and beautiful sashimi. Awaji beef is the carefully selected meat that has received the first “Hyogo Food Certification System” certification and is also recognized as Kobe beef. This gift will be produced and delivered after the order is placed.

Minami Awaji City has introduced a loyalty system in which 10,000 points are awarded for a 10,000 yen donation. (It has been announced that points will not be awarded to South Awaji citizens as of December 1, 2017.)


All meats introduced are those that allow you to fully enjoy the flavor of the lean meat. Why don’t you taste the best lean meat with your hometown tax?

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