Enjoy local food! 5 best accommodation vouchers for the hostel with delicious rice

Accommodation voucher at Inn Ekhashi (1 night 2 meals, 1 person) Kita no Katsu “freshly” for 50,000 yen (Nemuro City, Hokkaido)

It is a voucher of breakfast and dinner for one night at the guest house “Ekhashi no Yado” in Nemuro City, Hokkaido. Nemuro is surrounded by the sea, so the food is full of fresh seafood. This is an innovative cooking course specifically designed with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients, such as salted grilled fish and sea urchins. In addition, “Hanasaki Crab” and “Kita no Katsu Shibori” (same bottle), known as the famous ghost sake, are also included in this set.

Seaweed extract bath combining seawater therapy, rare in Hokkaido. It warms up the core of the body and moisturizes the skin.

All rooms are non-smoking and are equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Duration of stay is from October 2017 to June 2018.

With a glass of boiled Takaashi crab! Coupon (1 night 2 meals, weekdays only) 55,000 yen (Tomizu City, Chiba Prefecture)

This is a residence ticket with a cup of rare Takaashi crab from Kanaya, Tomitsu City, Chiba Prefecture, for each two adults. Alternatively, you can enjoy a total of 8 deluxe dishes for dinner, such as boiled local sashimi and fish, horse mackerel, and soft boiled turban cover.

The property is “Kajiya Ryokan”, established 160 years ago, at the foot of Saw Mountain on the Boso peninsula. “Takaashigani”, which landed in Tokyo Bay from October to early spring, is famous for its soft creamy taste and is one of Kajiya Ryokan’s specialties. There is a fish basket inside the building, so you can enjoy the freshest Takaashi crab.

Additionally, Kajiya Ryokan is a 6-minute walk from “Sawyama Ropeway Sanroku” Station, which is convenient for sightseeing in Sawyama. If you climb to the top, you can enjoy a wonderful view. It is also recommended as a sightseeing facility as it is convenient to travel, about 5 minutes walk from Kanaya Station on JR Uchibo Line and about 4 minutes by car to Futatsu Tateyama Road / Fitsu Kanaya IC.

If you apply for payment by credit card, payment will be made before February 28, 2018 and if you apply with other payment methods, payment will be made before January 31st. will be transferred within 1 month of the donation amount being transferred. The expiry date is until the end of March 2018 and cannot be used from the end of December to mid-January due to closed fishing.

[Ưu đãi trong thời gian có hạn]A pair of tickets to stay for 3 years on Awaji Island to enjoy Torafugu seating 400,000 yen (Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture)

Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, is a city located in the northeastern tip of Tokushima prefecture. It is believed to be Shikoku’s east entrance, facing Awaji Island and connected to Honshu via the Naruto Strait. The northern part of Naruto City is designated Seto Inland Sea National Park, and it is a famous spot for the fast current of the Naruto Strait and swirling tides, with Harima Nada in the north and Kii Suido in the East. There are also special products such as French fries, sweet potatoes, and Thai salt which are highly appreciated nationwide.

The reward is a stay voucher (premium twin room at main tower 1 night 2 double bed with breakfast and dinner) for which you can get “Awajishima 3 years trough” which is said to be king of winter flavor . Trafugu has been carefully cultivated for over three years by feeding it high-quality food like natural squid in a mineral-rich environment created following the best trends in Japan. With sizes from 1.2kg to 1.8kg is a trough with enough taste and outstanding tightness.

This gift is valid from December 2017 to February 2018, valid until February 28, 2018.

Voucher for couple stay at Satoyama Ryokan (1 night 2 meals, Kawafugu full course) 80,000 yen (Hida City, Gifu Prefecture)

It’s a set that you can pair up at the only inn “YuMe House” that serves Kawafugu cuisine in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture. For dinner, there will be a full range of Kawai specialties, “Premium Kawafugu Cuisine”, including Kawafugu’s shabu-shabu, salt-grilled river fish and Yamakawa’s seasonal delicacies.

Kawafugu has a deep taste while the texture is chewy and the taste is mild. At “YuMe House”, you can enjoy local dishes with different recipes such as sashimi, fried chicken, fried chicken.

Surrounded by Hida’s nature, it can be used as a mountain inn in summer, ski inn in winter, and as a meeting and training facility for companies and groups. different. There is also a talk room with a fireplace inside the building, so you can spend some time relaxing.

You can register to receive gifts all year round and can receive an invitation to join (1 night 2 meals).

Mizukami Onsen Yumoto East Building Kitakami Beef Special Plan (1 night 2 meals, 2 people) 80,000 yen (Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture)

As a reward for Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, there is a ticket that allows you to stay in Mizukami Onsen. Mizukami Onsen is located in the back room of Kitakami, the front entrance of Natsuyu Kogen Onsenkyo. Heal your body with hot water flowing from the source, and soothe your mind with dishes that you can seasonally enjoy in the North.

The quality of Mizukami Onsen is a simple spring, and it is said to be effective for neuralgia, myopathy, joint pain, bruises and fatigue recovery. The lukewarm water has a soft texture and you can enjoy the hot springs slowly for a long time. The building east of Yumoto, where we live, is a “Yuyado” originally a hot spring inn, with a nostalgic feel and a nostalgic atmosphere.

For dinner, you can enjoy “Kitakami beef”, the highest quality meat in Japan. Kitakami beef purchased from a fattened local farmer can be grilled on a ceramic plate or shabu-shabu.

The reward is 2 meals per night for 2 people, a drink and souvenir service. There is also a pick-up service from Kitakami Station. The expiration date is one year from the issue date. There will be an additional charge during Golden Week, New Year holidays and Obon holidays.


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