Enjoy shabu-shabu and miso crab! The Best 5 crabs are sent directly from the production area

Enjoy shabu-shabu and miso crab! The Best 5 crabs are sent directly from the production area[Đóng thuế Furusato]

Red Zwai crab without body, crab miso set 10,000 yen (Tomizu City, Toyama Prefecture)


Izumi city, Toyama prefecture, is located almost in the center of Toyama prefecture, and the red zuwai crab is also a symbol of the city. The red zuwai crab caught in Toyama Bay has a particularly delicious taste due to being raised in high quality waters and plankton that flow from the Northern Alps at 3,000 meters. Since the Shinminato fishing port in Izumi city, Toyama prefecture, is close to the fishing grounds, it can be boiled right after landing and you can enjoy the delicious taste of the fish caught.

In return, the bright red zuwai crab will be delivered in the morning, without shells for easy eating. It is a set consisting of 350 grams of meat and 100 grams of red zuwai gani miso. Records will be delivered until March 10, 2018 to the end of March.

High leg crab shabu shabu (500 grams) 18,000 yen (Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)


The tall-legged crab is the representative shellfish of Suruga Bay, and is the largest shellfish in the world with a total length of 3 meters. It has a shell about 40 cm long and 10 legs elongated. In this gift, the tall, tasteful crab legs are processed into shabu-shabu.

The tall-legged crabs will increasingly melt with time after landing. Also, when boiled, if you make a mistake, your body will melt and disappear. However, it is made to taste good with skillful technique, and it is a gem that cannot be eaten anywhere else. It comes in a frozen state, so you can thaw it to make shabu-shabu, or you can bake it in a pan and make it delicious like a crab steak.

The 500 gram content contains 5 to 17 tall crabs. It will be delivered in about 1 week after ordering. The shelf life is one year when frozen, but you should eat it early.

Numazu City has introduced a points system for people living outside the city, and donating 10,000 yen will give 25 points, and after that, donating 2,000 yen will give 5 points.

Hair crab and crab Ibara set 50,000 yen (Rausu Town, Hokkaido)


Rausu-cho, Hokkaido is a town located in the east of the Shiretoko peninsula, at the northeastern tip of Hokkaido. This is a rich natural town with Shiretoko National Park, a world natural heritage, and fishing is the core industry. This gift is a set of precious crabs off the coast of the Shiretoko peninsula and hairy crabs caught on the coast.

Ibaragani is the same “Tarabagani family” as Tarabagani and Abragani. It is thought to be named Ibaragani because it is spiny and rugged.
It is a type of crab with a very rich taste and a particularly rich sweet taste. Since the amount of Ibaragani is very small and rarely distributed in the market, it is believed to be the only ghost crab species edible in Hokkaido.

Furry crabs are also very valuable because of the low catch. Not only the tight body, but the miso crab is also very delicious, so it will nourish the body.

The gift includes many boiled (boiled) crabs 2 kg x 1 and hairy crabs (boiled) 600 gx 2 so it is very suitable for family meals.

Boiled red zuwai crab (Kasumi crab)[Lạnh](2 to 3 copies) 20,000 yen (Yobu City, Hyogo Prefecture)

The red zuwai crabs that arrive at the fishing port of Kasumi in the neighboring town of Yofu city, Hyogo prefecture are called “Kasumi crab”. Kasumi crab habitats range from 800 to 1,500 meters deep, and crabs raised in nutrient-rich deep seawater are plump and juicy. It is full of sweetness and deliciousness, and is characterized by its freshness.

It has been boiled, so you can eat it as it is. Crab is easy to eat, soft body, slightly sweet aftertaste. You can eat it whole or you can eat it with crab charhan or chirashi sushi which is also very delicious.

For a donation of 20,000 yen, you will receive about 1.5 kg to 1.6 kg of Kasumi crab (2 to 3 pieces of crab with vinegar). Upon payment confirmation, it will be shipped in a cold state as soon as it is ready. Offer period ends May 2018 and is subject to change depending on situation. However, please note that delivery is not possible between December 20 and January 10.

This plush suit cut into the bends Taraba Ozuwai (2 kg) 46,000 yen (Orai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture)

Orai-cho, Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki prefecture located in the center of Ibaraki prefecture facing the Pacific Ocean, you can see the beautiful coastline. In addition to wet rice, this is a town rich in nature with fields and forests.

In return, “Book Taraba Ozuwai Crab Luxury Set” is 1 kg of Taraba Crab and 1 kg of Zwai Crab. The vermicelli is boiled and sliced ​​to taste, so you can eat it as soon as it is done and thawed. It is perfect for those who want to eat and compare this taraba crab with the classy Ozuwai crab.

Oraimachi has introduced a point system. 50 points will be awarded for donations of 10,000 yen or more, and 5 points will be awarded for every 1,000 yen thereafter, and this set can be redeemed for 230 points.


Crabs come in different flavors depending on the type, so it will be fun to try and compare them. Why don’t you have a crab to pay your hometown tax in 2017?

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