Enjoy the national taste Best Japanese Beef Brand 5 at 30,000 yen

Special peach shoulder / piece “Tohaku Wagyu” (500 grams) 25,000 yen (Kotoura Town, Tottori Prefecture)

The Tohaku Wagyu is a Japanese black-haired dog breed raised in the former Tohaku-cho (now Kotoura-cho), Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture. Tottori prefecture has been known as a center for Japanese beef production since the Edo period, and is a regional brand of Japanese beef born from fertilizer technology that has been invented for many years.

Tohaku Wagyu is famous for its aroma and flavor when grilled, and is characterized by a good balance between high quality lean meat and fat. This is a flavor that has been recognized in numerous awards, including receiving the top prize (the Award from the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) at the Agricultural Beef Carcass Producer Association. 34th career.

Producer of this gift is the Tohaku Livestock Co., Ltd. Special Tohaku Wagyu beef / shoulder slices will be transported frozen in a volume of 500 grams. You can apply all year round.

Ibaraki prefecture’s best brand “Shiho beef” (250 grams x 3 pieces) 28,000 yen (Shimozuma City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Prefecture, is located in the western part of Ibaraki Prefecture and is a region with a long history, home to the oldest Hachimangu Shrine in the Kanto region, the “Taobao Hachimangu Shrine”.

The gift from Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Prefecture, is the best branded Japanese beef from Ibaraki prefecture, and is the steak of “Shiho beef”, a Japanese black beef. It is grown at the foot of Mount Tsukuba, considered one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, Mount Tsukuba is also known as “Shiho” because it is purple depending on the amount of light when the sun shines. It was named after that. It is grown by feeding it with its own unique ingredients, the straw carefully selected in the water and the delicious water source at the foot of Mount Tsukuba.

Shiho steak consists of 3 pieces of 250g of meat and is perfect for a family. Applications can be carried out year round and will be sent in the meantime.

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“Saitama Takeshu Wagyu” A5 / A4 Kuroge Wagyu fingerprinted for sukiyaki and steak (300 grams each) 30,000 yen (Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture)

Saitama Takeshu Wagyu is the only Kuroge Wagyu that has been certified as “Aya no Kuni Excellent Brand Product” by Saitama Prefecture. It is adorably bred in the rich natural environment of the northern Saitama prefecture, using carefully selected original mixed feed and fermented feed.

Saitama Takeshu Wagyu, raised for longer than regular brand beef, is a genuine Kuroge Wagyu beef that has been approved for use by the Chuo Breeding Association’s “Wagyu Consolidation Mark”. Saitama Takeshu Wagyu Association, which produces Saitama Takeshu Wagyu, takes advantage of its proximity to the Saitama metropolitan area and focuses on quality to become a Japanese beef brand familiar to people living in the area. urban area. I’m.

To pay back the hometown tax, about 300 grams of A5 and A4 high quality marble Saitama Takeshu Japanese beef for sukiyaki and about 300 grams of barbecue are included in the set. The tender, bright crimson flesh contains flavorful sashimi, making it the best marble type. It is frozen so that it can be stored.

“Kazusa Wagyu” for sirloin steak (200 grams x 3 sheets) 30,000 yen (Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture)

“Kazusa Wagyu”, a specialty brand of Chiba Prefecture, is a black-haired Wagyu beef with a low melting point and is characterized by a light fat, soluble in the mouth and rich in flavor.

Takanashi Farm, which produces the Kazusa Wagyu, has won numerous awards, including the Excellence Award in the Wagyu Steering Division of the National Beef Exercise Association, which is the largest co-sponsor in Japan. This is Japanese black beef raised in the rich natural environment of Kamogawa city with carefully selected food and careful husbandry management.

Kazusa Wagyu steak consists of 3 pieces of 200g meat, you can feel its deliciousness. It will be shipped within 1 to 3 weeks after payment is confirmed, and will be sent frozen. You can apply all year round.

Japanese beef “Genji” for steak (tenderloin, 180g x 4) 30,000 yen (Aki Takada City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Hiroshima Wagyu is considered to be of modern Wagyu origin, and due to the unification of China’s Mouri region and the prosperity of the traditional Japanese iron smelting method, “Tatara Iron-forging”, many have can carry heavier luggage than horses. It is said that cattle have been bred. Hiroshima Japanese beef “Genji”, named after Mouri Mototsugu, is a rare beef brand inherited by the passion and pride of its producers.

The taste is born from a wonderful genealogical tree that has an elegant smoothness, the more you chew it, the more delicious it is, so it is said that this is “a taste that will never be forgotten once you enjoy it”

This time, we will recommend four 180-gram sirloin steaks for steak from “Hiroshima Wagyu Mototsugu”. You can apply all year round and will arrive in 3 to 6 weeks. Estimated transit times are 16 to 18 and 29 to the last day of every month (excluding Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). Since it arrives in a cold state and the expiration date is as short as 3 days, we don’t ship it to some areas.


All branded Japanese beef you can get for under 30,000 yen, which we chose this time, are raised using carefully selected feed and breeding methods, and you have can enjoy a rich flavor. Why don’t you take this opportunity to enjoy branded Japanese beef from all over Japan with your hometown tax money?

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