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Local beer Tsukiyano 5,000 yen (Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture)

Minakami-cho, Tone-gun, Gunma prefecture is in the northernmost part of Gunma prefecture, at the foot of Mount Tanigawa and Mount Mikuni, the headwaters of the Tone River, and is a town rich in nature and hot springs called “Kanto Water. Bottle “. The tourism industry also thrives as more people visit Mount Tanigawa, the roadside station “Takumi no Sato”, and the firefly festival. Nature-friendly agriculture is also practiced and leisure tourism where you can experience farming is also popular.

The gift “Tsukiyano no Ji Beer Set” is a rich source of pure and natural water, visited by many to appreciate the fireflies in the Tsukiyano “Firefly Village” (the area that later became Minakami Town. when merged in 2005). It is a local beer that was born. All of them are 100% malt raw beer so you can enjoy the original taste of beer.

Four flavors: a clean and well-balanced golden pilsner, an aromatic and malt beer, a stout with a sweet and rich aroma, and wheat Weizen with a faint scent of koji. Can be enjoyed. Each bottle is 330 ml, and each bottle is transported in a refrigerator. You can apply all year round.

Local beer Naruko no Kaze 8 bottles costs 14,000 yen (Osaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture)

“Naruko no Kaze” is a local beer made with water from the Fukiage Plateau in Naruko Onsenkyo, Osaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, and locally produced ingredients. While pursuing a taste that beer lovers can understand, we are also focusing on original fruit beers so that those who are not good at beer can drink it. It is characterized by being made to take advantage of its aroma, sweetness and color so you can clearly see the malt taste and the taste of the auxiliary ingredients with just a sip. A variety of varieties are available for sale, such as co-sparkling sparkling wine made from local companies.

The reward is a set of Naruko no Kaze Lager x 3, Yuki Musubi x 2 and Mountain Grape x 3 (300 ml each). Delivered by refrigerator delivery, the shelf life is 120 days. Mountain grapes won the Bronze Prize at the 2005 International Beer Awards.

Heavy beer snowfall “wheat field” 10,000 yen (Asahikawa City, Hokkaido)

Taisetsu Beer is actively working to use agricultural products made in Hokkaido as raw material for beer and carbonated wine. So we use all of Hokkaido’s products like wheat and rice. The reward is a set of local beers of a variety made in Asahikawa city, Hokkaido. Set of 2 bottles (330 ml) of heavy snow beers “Taisetsu Pilsner”, “Kera Pilka” and “Furano Barley”.

“Taisetsu Pilsner” is the mainstream beer of today, using richly selected bright barley malt and superb aromatic hops, and aged for a long time to finish it dry. “Kera Pilka” is characterized by the red color of the crystal malt, fruity aroma and maximum flavor. We use “Furano barley” grown in beautiful nature and local rice as a secondary material. Utilizing a variety of ingredients other than malt, it is an original sparkling wine with a significantly improved refreshment and ease of drinking.

Applications can be made year round and the expiration date is 60 days.

Matsue’s local beers “Beer Hern” 20,000 yen (Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture)

Matsue Ji Beer “Beer Hern” is a beer with a new taste, suitable for the delicate taste of Japanese people with traditional production methods of famous brewing countries. The reward is a set of 8 bottles of “Biaherun” (2 bottles each of 4 types of Pilsner, Weizen, Pale Ale, and Matchmaking Stout), “Agonoyaki” and “Izumo Namasoba” using Izumo Jidenshu. I’m.

Pilsner is refreshing and refreshing, and is recommended for those who want a quick drink. Weizen is a wheat beer beer native to Germany and characterized by the characteristic fruity aroma and creamy foam of wheat germ. Pale Ale uses only three times more luxurious new Cascade Hops, and is finished in a beer with a strong bitter taste and refreshing aroma of Aroma Hops. Matchmaking stout is a beer with an aromatic flavor of roasted malt and mild flavor using lactose from traditional production methods.

Applications can be made year round and the expiration date is about 3 months for local beer, about 1 month for Agono-yaki and about 3 months for Izumo Soba.

Local beer 30,000 yen (Minami Sakai City, Toyama Prefecture)

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Tainan City, Toyama Prefecture, is located in the southwestern part of Toyama prefecture, and the southern part is bordered by Hida city and the village of Shirakawa in Gifu prefecture through mountains between 1,000 and 1,800 meters high. About 80% of the city’s total area is forest, including Hakusan National Park, and the mountains bordering Gifu Prefecture are endowed with nature, such as the Shogawa and Oyabe rivers.

One of the gifts from Tainan City, the “Local Beer Set” is made from Jobata beer at the foothills of southwest Toyama prefecture. Brewing began in 2001 in Jobata, Minamisawa City. Our motto is to make beer regardless of frame, and we aim to make beer that makes drinkers smile.

Wheat and ales, Hakama ale, Kagayaki Wheat, Sakura (ale peach), Kaede (an ale cassis), my flavors, my black, my AJI, 2 silk flavors, Earl Gray (ale flavor) 1 You can enjoy books and many different flavors.

Applications are accepted year round, but the content will change depending on the time of year as it includes seasonal products.


You can enjoy different flavors of local wheat and water beers. Why don’t you choose a local beer to pay taxes on your hometown?

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