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Enjoying the country life Voucher for the homestay meal (1 night 2 meals, 2 persons) 30,000 yen (Tozawa Village, Yamagata Prefecture)

Tozawa-mura, Mogami-gun, Yamagata Prefecture is a town with a population of about 4,900 people where one of the three major currents of Japan, the Mogami River, flows through. Rice is grown and agricultural products are grown in a place where you can experience a variety of nature such as going down the Mogami River, trekking through the forest, a country experience school and a soba experience.

In Tozawa Village, there are 6 farm inns where you can stay as a farmer. In addition to your stay, you can experience four seasons weather such as growing rice, picking wild vegetables, walking around satoyama. You can spend time relaxing in an environment surrounded by idyllic nature, as if you were visiting a loved one’s home.

In return, you will receive a accommodation voucher for 2 people with breakfast and dinner. Consultation is needed on the content of farming experience and accommodation, and the content of farming experience that varies between hostels.

Farmer’s Inn Ayuke Farm ticket (1 night, 1 person) 30,000 yen (Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture)

Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture, located in the heart of Shikoku, has been developed as a transportation hub and a hub for social, economic, cultural and tourism since ancient times. Miyoshi City is rich in nature like Oboke Gorge and Kurosawa Swamp, and many historical and cultural heritages like Unbeji Temple at 66th Shikoku Sacred Ground are left behind.

The gift is a voucher of accommodation at the farmer’s inn “Ayake Farm”, located where you can enjoy a stunning view of Oboke Gorge. In addition to farming experiences like harvesting seasonal vegetables and wild vegetables, you can also experience local cuisine and “Hirara-yaki”, where you grill river fish on flat rocks. One-night stay voucher for one person will be sent with 30,000 yen donation and a souvenir will be included.

Since Miyoshi city is located in the center of Shikoku, it can also be used as a base for sightseeing in Shikoku. The voucher will be sent at any time after payment confirmation.

Farmer’s one-night experience ticket (1 night 2 meals, 2 people) 30,000 yen (Ibaraki Town, Ibaraki Prefecture)

Ibaraki-cho, Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture is located in the center of Ibaraki Prefecture. There is a natural environment rich in water and greenery, including Hinuma, the only steam lake in the Kanto region. Adjacent to Mito City, the capital of Ibaraki prefecture, it is blessed with habitat and is a town where the city and countryside are in perfect harmony.

Ibaraki-cho’s gift is a ticket that allows you to stay in a private home while experiencing farming and fishing in Ibaraki-cho’s Hiroura district, where nature is rich. The two-meal one night stay with breakfast and dinner is for two persons and can be used for elementary to graduate students. If you wish to travel with the guardian, you will be directed to the surrounding accommodations for the guardian.

We offer “Hirora National Life Experience Promotion Council”, which offers hands-on farms, fishing experiences and farmer’s homestay business. You can experience various things such as helping to harvest in the field and making breakfast and dinner.

The ticket is valid for the whole year and valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

Green travel experience Farmer’s guest house ticket (1 night 2 meals, 2 people) 30,000 yen (Yusui Town, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Yusuicho is located in the center and north of Kagoshima Prefecture, about 70 km northeast of Kagoshima city, in an inland area surrounded by the Kyushu mountain range and the Kirishima mountain range. A vast wasteland at the foot of Mount Kirishima opens up to the northeast of the town of Yusui. From the middle of Mount Kurino in Kirishima Yaku National Park, you can enjoy stunning views of Sakurajima and the Satsuma Peninsula, and it is a town with rich, beautiful natural scenery and nature.

With a voucher, you can stay in a farmer’s “Green Tourism Yusui” member’s inn for one night and two meals. Green Tourism is a trip to stay in a farming and fishing village, experience agriculture, experience the nature and culture of the area, and enjoy socializing with the locals. At the farmer’s inn in Yusui-cho, you can experience harvesting farm produce, making buckwheat noodles, making blueberry jam and making local dishes, depending on the season and the inn you are staying at.

The stay voucher is for 2 people, but can add more people (additional charges apply). You can choose to stay at the homestay of a farmer who is a member of Green Spring Tourism.

Farmer’s lodging voucher “Tsuzuriyama no Sato” (1 night 2 meals, 1 person) 30,000 yen (Tsukigami Town, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Tsukigami-cho, Tsukigami-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture is located in the east of Fukuoka prefecture, and within 20 kilometers from Kitakyushu Airport, is the gateway to the sky. It is a region with a warm climate in the Seto Inland Sea with relatively little rainfall, low earthquakes and natural disasters.

The gift from Tsukigami-cho was a voucher of accommodation for the farmer’s inn “Tsuzuriyama no Sato”, which is full of nature and has a delicious atmosphere. Experiences menu will be added separately, but you can experience farming. Please bring clothing and hats that may be dirty in case you want to experience farming. A family member, eat two meals a night.


If you want to relax and refresh yourself in a rich natural area, or if you want to experience farming work, why not take advantage of the Furusato Tax Pay Service and use the farmer’s inn.

List of hometown tax payment of “farmer’s motel”