For families and hospitality! The 5 best snacks in the country

Delicious Showa Era tea and okoshi set 10,000 yen (Honbetsu-cho, Hokkaido)

Honbetsu-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido is a town in the east of Hokkaido. Deep inland and cold, but with little snow and many sunny days, shifting cultivation is common. It is mainly produced in wheat, beans and vegetables. Agriculture is a key industry, producing excellent agricultural products called the “Tokachi brand”, which are highly regarded especially for legumes.

The reward is a tea set made from buckwheat meat, as well as brewing fragrant brown rice and brewing white rice that’s easy to eat. It is a variety of 55 grams of soba seeds (used for tea) x 4 bags, and 2 bags each with 15 pieces of okoshi white rice and brown rice. Okoshi, also known as “donuts, confectionery” in Hokkaido, is crispy, and when you start eating you will want to extend your hand. This offer is in Honbetsu-cho, Marusaka Tsushima Shoten, which makes and sells nostalgic Showa sweets.

Creme Brulee and a set of half-cooked cheesecake using Cochin eggs were sent directly from the chicken farm 10,000 yen (Iwakura City, Aichi Prefecture)

A set of creme brulee and half-cooked cheesecake using Nagoya Cochin eggs. We use eggs directly from the Nagoya Cochin specialty chicken farm in Iwakura city. Creme Brulee is finished with a rich and rich taste using lots of Nagoya Cochin egg yolks and whipped cream. It’s a gem that you can enjoy the crunchy texture of the caramel and the creamy texture of Brulee.
Half-cooked cheesecake using lots of Nagoya Cochin eggs and high quality cream cheese from France. Smooth and soluble texture in the mouth with rich egg and cheese flavors.
Produced by Anjou, a Western confectionery enthusiastic about making products using local ingredients. Taking the opportunity to pay taxes in our homeland, we cooperate to provide products with the Nagoya Cochin Chicken Farm in Iwakura city.
The gift will be a set of Creme Brulee (6 pieces) and a half-cooked cheese cake (8 pcs) and delivered by frozen delivery method. Registration and delivery are available year round and the expiration date is 5 days including delivery date.

Chicken skin chips 10,000 yen (Bungo Ono City, Oita prefecture)

Bungo Ono City, Oita Prefecture, is a city located in the middle and upper reaches of the Ono River in the southwestern part of Oita province. Due to the abundant water resources of the Ono River, the confluence of rivers, large and small and pouring into Beppu Bay, it forms one of the best upland cultivation areas in the province. In addition, there are Phu Ba Natural Park and Ba Co National Monument, endowed with local tangible and intangible resources by nature.

The reward is chicken skin fried cake using a lot of rice flour from Bungo Ono city. With a crunchy texture, it’s also ideal as a snack or a snack for sake. Oita’s Karaage is famous all over the country, and the goosebumps that use that technology is amazing as well.

Gift is a set of 60 grams x 10 bags, can be made all year round, expiry date is 60 days. In addition, the city of Bungo Ono introduced a point accumulation system, and 1 point will be awarded for contributions of 10,000 yen or more and less than 20,000 yen. “Chicken skin fried, potato chips” exchange 1 point.

Koshihikari “Hagari Rice” Senbei grown naturally priced at 11,000 yen (Hajime City, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Hakuishi City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is a city surrounded by sea and mountains at the entrance of the Noto peninsula. It is known to be endowed with nature, where you can harvest abundant seafood and mountain produce. The Noto region is also recognized as world agricultural heritage, and is an agricultural land that has been handed down for generations.

The city of Haba is making efforts to popularize naturally cultivated agriculture, and this senbei is also made from naturally grown Koshihikari. Natural farming is a method of farming cultivation without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

The reward is a set of 3 sachets of 2 kinds of senbei made by fast frying the Koshihikari “Harimai” grown naturally in rice oil. You can compare two types of soy sauce with no added salt and additives. It was made at Yamaka Senbei Honpo, an old shop of Kusaka Senbei.

12 types of Hanaoka walnut 20,000 yen (Higashigo City, Nagano Prefecture)

A type of sweets made from many walnuts, a specialty of Toumi city, Nagano prefecture. In total there are 12 varieties, such as “Kurumi no Hatsukoi”, which have a light sweet taste and walnuts, and “Uminojuku” where you can enjoy the best combination of walnuts and biscuits, so It’s perfect for families to enjoy.

The history of harvesting “Shinano walnuts” in Higashigo city, Nagano prefecture dates back to the Edo period. It is said that it was transmitted from the Persian region, today Iran, to Japan during the Edo period through China and the Korean Peninsula. In addition, during the Meiji period, “Seiyou walnuts” were also brought from Persia to the east of Nagano Prefecture.

The large walnuts attracted farmers’ expectations, and since the climate was suitable for walnut cultivation, walnut cultivation began in the city of Togo. Then, after many product innovations, the current “Shinano walnut” was born. Shinano walnuts are characterized by a thin shell, large body.

You can apply for redemption throughout the year and delivery will be made within one month of payment.


A national snack that you want to use as a souvenir when visiting the homes of friends and acquaintances. Why don’t you enjoy it while thinking about the area?

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