Furusato tax payment website “Sato Furu”, one-stop special case / final application method

Features of the home tax pay site “Satofuru”

Currently, there are many tax payment websites in the country, but one of the most popular is “Sato Furusato”. Let’s take a look at the features from the pros and cons of Satofuru.

Easy to understand even if you pay your home tax for the first time

Satofuru is appreciated for its easy-to-read website structure and easy to find gifts. Even the beginners may find it easy to use if it’s Satofuru. In the Internet survey of intention to use a home tax website, it ranked first in “sites I want to use”.

Many payment methods

Satofuru supports many payment methods like credit cards and banks. If you are a major operator like DoCoMo, au, and Softbank, you can also pay monthly mobile fees together.

Evaluates that there are few bonus items

Compared to other major websites, it is said that the number of reward items in the Satofuru product line is small.

Tax payment mechanism with Sato Furu

Paying homeland taxes in Satofuru is not difficult at all. Even beginners can easily pay taxes and receive deductions. Introducing the standard homeland tax payment process with Sato Furu.

1.Decide where to donate from local government / gift

The popular thank you gifts are displayed in the ranking on the top page of Satofuru. Also, if you have a specific gift you want, you can find it by searching the category or searching for words. Of course, you can also search by specifying the local government.

You may have a confusing picture of the word “pay taxes”, but the home tax website itself is made like an internet shopping site. Presents are mostly local food. Please check out the gifts you are interested in and the local government you would like to support.

2.Subscribe to contribute

Once you’ve decided what you want to give, click “Add to Cart”. It is also possible to leave multiple gifts in the shopping cart. Once all recipients have been decided, go through the donation process.
You can donate at Satofuru even if you haven’t signed up yet, but if you plan to continue using Satofuru, it is very convenient to sign up as a member. You can also use your Yahoo! His JAPAN at Satofuru.
Enter your personal information, payment method, etc. and your donation application is complete.

3.Get a thank you gift

Gifts from the local government will be delivered to the address specified at the time of application. Please check the details page of the thank you gift in advance as the estimated delivery time is stated. You can check the delivery status at that time on My Page of Satofuru.

If there is no delivery time on the detail page, that means the items will be shipped in the order. If you are concerned, check with your local authority. Also, please keep the certificate of contribution, sent separately from the date of thanks, as this is the important document used in the final statement.

4.Final declaration

In order to get a home tax deduction, you must basically file a final final return. The final filing can be made at the nearest tax authority or electronically on the Internet. The last deadline to apply is from mid-February to mid-March each year.
In the final declaration, a donation receipt is required to document the tax amount paid in the home country. If there are no errors in the submitted documents and contents, the previous income tax will be refunded, and the following year’s residency tax will be deducted. “Special one-stop system” that offers the same deduction effect as the final declaration is also very convenient.

One-stop exception / final declaration method

If you pay your hometown tax at Sato Furusato and want to receive a deduction, you need to make a final report or use the special one-stop system. We will explain each method in detail below.

How to use one-stop exceptions

If you want to use the special one-stop system, you need to fill out the special registration form and send it to the local government of the donation place. Identification document is required as attached document. Additionally, documents will be sent according to the amount donated and to the local government. If you make multiple contributions to one municipality, you can submit documents for each donation together.
At Satofuru, if you become a member, you can download the complete application documents. It is not necessary to enter it by hand, so you should register if you want to continue using Satofuru.

The final declaration

When submitting the final return, fill out the required fields on the form and submit it along with the required documents such as a donation certificate and withholding voucher. When entering at a tax agency or using electronic Tax Return on the Internet, it is not a problem if you enter the information according to the information displayed. When paying taxes in your home country, select “Contribution Deduction” and enter the date of the contribution, the amount of the contribution, the location of the location of the contribution, etc.


Sato Furu is easy to understand even for those inexperienced in paying taxes in their homeland, so this is the site we would like people with pictures of difficulties to use. Details about the application process and how to get deductions are provided. We also actively recommend thank you gifts and local authorities, so you won’t get bored just browsing the site. If you are curious about how your hometown tax is paid, or you want to know what gifts you will receive, check out your homeland right away.

Ease of use is the popular “Satofuru”