Gafa tax: Amazon decides to counterattack

Three weeks after the implementation of the Gafa tax, the online sales giant, Amazon, decided to react and apply an increase in its prices. Much to the chagrin of consumers.

A 3% tax for French companies. Amazon reacts immediately to the Gafa tax. Bad news for small French companies, like R-Pur, which achieves 10% of its sales on the site of the online sales giant. “For small businesses like us, which make Made in France products, the production costs are high and the margins are quite low. It’s always complicated to see your margin decrease ”, regrets Falvien Hello.

A hijacked tax?

Same situation for this publisher, he will have to pay an additional 500 euros per year … “It’s not so much the amount that bothers us, but in principle, I find it a little big that giants like Amazon are discarding SMEs”, retorts Jean-Christophe Caurette. Amazon justified its choice: “We are not in a position to absorb an additional tax, we have no choice but to pass it on”, can we read in a press release. At LREM, we criticize a way of diverting taxes. Rakuten told him he would pay the full tax.