Great for gifts! Top 5 premium fruits for 10,000 yen

Great for gifts! Top 5 premium fruits for 10,000 yen[Đã nộp thuế Furusato]

* Since the information is November 2017, the gifts may be out of stock in each locality. Please note that.

Cantaloupe (masked melon) from Minami Boso city 10,000 yen (Minami Boso city, Chiba prefecture)

“Aqua Melon” is an improved variety of Earl’s Favorite Melon (Masked Melon) born in Chiba Prefecture. It was named “Chiba Aqua Melon” for its beautiful appearance, mellow aroma and sweetness. Cantaloupe is a delicate variety and difficult to grow, but we carefully plant only one carefully selected melon from a seedling.

Yasuda Farm, which supplies aquatic melons in the warm climate of Minamiboso Chikura Town, has been growing melons since 1999 and growing the finest melons in a greenhouse. Aqua Melon (Mask Melon) from Minami Boso City will bring you a melon weighing 1.2 kg or more. It can take several months for donations to arrive.

Amaou Approximately 1,120 grams 10,000 yen (Shingu Town, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Shingu-cho, Aya-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture, located in the northwestern part of Fukuoka prefecture, between Kitakyushu city and Fukuoka city, is a town where fishing and agriculture thrives. Strawberry “Amaou”, also known as red jade, is a trademark of Fukuoka Prefecture and a specialty product of Shingu town. Amaou is a strawberry brand that has been ranked number one in “Strawberry Brand Review” by Nikkei MJ for two consecutive years and can only be obtained at upscale department stores. Amaou, a gift from Shingu Town, will receive 4 packages of 280 grams with a donation amount of 10,000 yen, for a total of about 1,120 grams. Coming directly from JA Kasuya in Fukuoka Prefecture, you’ll receive fragrant fresh strawberries.

Amaou sets will be refrigerated from January 2018. This is a popular product and limited to 300 sets, so if you are interested we recommend early registration.,html

Delicious whole frozen mango Around 1.2 kg 10,000 yen (Kagoshima prefectural town)

Hebei-gun in Kagoshima Prefecture, Hebei-cho is a town located on the Okuma peninsula, the southernmost tip of the mainland. It is famous for its magnificent nature and hosts “Yabusame”, boasts a history of nearly 900 years, and boasts a historic heritage as an ancient tomb recognized as a national cultural property. . It also has a range for the world-class modern solid-fuel missile “Epsilon” and is known as a town where nature and science coexist.

Mango from Kagoshima Prefecture is one of the gifts from Kibetsu-cho, Kagoshima Prefecture, where nature is rich. Ripe mango fruit, high in sugar, frozen, can be eaten cool, eaten very delicious. If you eat it half thawed, it will melt in the mouth and you can enjoy a different texture from eating raw. It is very useful for making gelato with yogurt and for making sweets like mango ice cream. It contains a lot of 1.2kg and is frozen so you can enjoy it for a long time. It is delivered frozen and has a shelf life of about one year from the date of manufacture. On a day when you want to be a bit extravagant, try a tropical mango as a reward for yourself?

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Sakuranbo House (Sato Nishiki) 800 grams 10,000 yen (Kamiyama City, Yamagata Prefecture)

Kamiyama City, Yamagata Prefecture, located at the foot of Mount Zao, has rich nature and Kamiyama hot spring, has been open for more than 555 years. It is also known as a major producer of cherry blossoms, grapes, la Phap, wine, … and all kinds of fruits produced from high cultivation techniques and enthusiasm. Produce under rich nature and fertile soil is best. It is a luxury item. “Sakuranbo House (Sato Nishiki)”, for which you can receive 10,000 yen donation money, contains 800 grams of “Sato Nishiki”, is the pride of Yamagata prefecture known as Sakuranbo Kingdom. The Sato Nishiki is one of Japan’s top varieties, also known as the “Queen Sakuranbo” or “Ruby” for its beauty and flavor.

Applications will be accepted by June 20, 2018 and shipments will be processed between mid-June 2018 and late June 2018. It is delivered in the refrigerator and has a shelf life of 5 days. .

Hachimanhama co-selected special “Hamanohime” 3 kg 10,000 yen (Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture)

“Hamanohime” is a gift from JA Nishiuwa Hachimanhama Co-selected (Yawatahama Citrus Selection Subcommittee) in Nishiuwa, Ehime Prefecture, is one of the leading mikan producers in Japan. Among the Yawatahama co-selections, we select oranges from gardens and manufacturers that are particularly suitable for oranges. Among those that have passed the premium standards of optical sensor fruit sorters, which are carefully selected by experts as the best in both taste and appearance is known as ” Hamanohime “. I will. It has a delicate balance between sweetness and acidity, and rich flavor.

The capacity of “Hamanohime” is 3 kg, and you can choose standard S, M and L (cannot choose size). Reception runs until December 2017 and will end as soon as the quantity is reached.


High quality fruits are not only used as a reward for themselves but also as a gift for those who take care of themselves or as a souvenir during the year-end holidays and holidays. Why don’t you enjoy premium fruit with home taxes? Depending on the returned item, the delivery area and delivery time may be limited, so please check each website.

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