Green juice, sesame seeds and black garlic! 5 healthy foods nationwide

Healthy drink 糀 Sweet fruit 5 pieces 10,000 yen (Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture)

Fruit Kingdom The fruit of Yamagata Prefecture and the rice of Yamagata Prefecture are sweet, unsweetened sake made from Enuki. You can easily enjoy “healthy fermented beverages” made with rice and fruit only and without the use of sugar or additives at home. Sweet sake is rapidly frozen by sugarcifying the sardines at temperatures where the enzyme does not die. So you can enjoy the nutrition and deliciousness it is.

Package includes 550 grams of sweet potato fruit (La France, apple) x 1 piece, straight sweet potato, fruit sweet potato (strawberry) and soybean milk sweet potato 200 grams x 1 pc. It comes on the frozen delivery method, so you can thaw and keep it cold, or thaw in half to make a sherbet and eat it. In addition, because it is a concentrated type, many people feel sweet, so you should split it with water or milk or reheat and drink.

Applications can be made year round and will be sent within 2 weeks of payment confirmation.

10,000 yen healthy vegetable set (Fujioka City, Gunma Prefecture)

Chishato no Moto (powder), has been confirmed to have antiallergic effects by recent studies and is gaining attention as a countermeasure against pollinosis, and Chishato, a non-plant powder. Contains additive made by drying and processing mulberries from Gunma prefecture. A set of milk candies.

Chishato no Moto is an additive-free jelly powder made from locally produced chishato. It is out of habit and has a mild sweet taste, so you can drink it like a tea. Kuwanomoto is made by disinfecting and washing mulberry leaves harvested from spring to summer and then ground into powder. It is pure mulberry powder without additives and has no green smell, so it can be taken as green juice.

This kit is provided by Wypy Farm Co., Ltd., an agricultural corporation that helps maintain and improve health by growing clean and safe vegetables.

Egoma Health 15,000 yen (Wakasakura Town, Tottori Prefecture)

Wakasakura-cho, Yato-gun, Tottori Prefecture is a town located in the southeastern end of Tottori prefecture, on the prefectural border between Hyogo and Okayama prefectures. It has a long history, and it is said that it was described as “Wakasakurago” in books created in the Heian period. About 95% of the town is surrounded by the rich nature of the forest. You can rock climbing in summer and skiing and seasonal entertainment in winter. In addition, there are many ruins of castles, temples, and scenic spots here, making it a famous tourist town.

“Egoma no Kenko” uses 100% Egoma from Wakasakura Town. From planting to harvesting, it is done locally. High-quality sesame oil is produced by carefully protecting the area’s unique native species for decades. It is recommended to use the extracted gold oil by the extracting method as a bandage without hot compresses.

“Egoma no Kenko” is supplied by Michi-no-Eki Wakasakura “Sakuranbo”, which sells specialties of Wakasakura-cho, agricultural products and original products. Gift is set of 2 bottles of 100 gram sesame oil.

Hokkaido Tokachi Aged Black Carrot (6 balls) x 2 boxes of 17,000 yen (Shimizu Town, Hokkaido)

Perennial black garlic, naturally fermented, no additives, using “Tokachi Shimizu garlic” grown in healthy Hokkaido. Unlike the white garlic you normally eat, black garlic is less spicy and is just as sweet as dried fruit.

Black garlic has a higher content of functional components than raw garlic, especially the antioxidant S-allyl cysteine ​​and polyphenols many times higher. It is also recommended for those who have limited garlic intake because of its smell and spicy taste. It doesn’t use any additives, so you can confidently eat it every day instead of a supplement.

Tokachi Shimizu Garlic is grown on healthy soil that contains many minerals such as zinc and copper, using organic fertilizer “Shimizu Organic” produced by JA Tokachi Shimizu Town. And in the process of making black garlic, it is produced at a factory in JA Tokachi Shimizu-cho, where temperature and humidity can be thoroughly controlled.

Healthy food Okinawa Ganju set of 7 dishes 45,000 yen (Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture)

A carefully selected set of health foods sent directly from the health food manufacturer “Kinshu Bio Co., Ltd.” in Itoman city, Okinawa prefecture, where production, development and research pay special attention to Okinawa’s ingredients. “Ganju” means “healthy and healthy”.

There are 12 types of aggregated content. “Sousou” is a drink made by fermenting wild grasses from Okinawa Prefecture with lactic acid bacteria, and “Yonakuni Chomeisou Seiju” is made from perennial grasses rich in nutrients such as calcium and potassium and boliphenol. “Tropical Ukon from Okinawa Prefecture” uses 3 types of turmeric without pesticides, “Tropical Fruit Shikuwasa” with 100% juice from freshly picked Shikuwasa, “Salt” is a blend of mineral-rich brown sugar and salt. Awakuni Nigari Brown Sugar ”. “Chomeisou no throat candy” contains perennial grass and 21 herb extracts, and “Mozuku udon” uses mozuku from Ihirayajima in the north of the main island of Okinawa.


Several healthy foods are made from healthy ingredients that are harvested across the country. Why not try these healthy foods to keep your body healthy.

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