Ideal for family gatherings and home parties! The best Japanese brand of beef sukiyaki

* Since the information is November 2017, the gifts may be out of stock in each locality.
Please note that.

Hiroshima A4 beef with super thin sukiyaki sauce (700 grams) 15,000 yen (Sera Town, Hiroshima Prefecture)

Sera-cho, Sera-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture, forms a plateau called the “Sera Plateau” with an altitude of between 350 and 450 meters. This place is endowed with a temperate climate and climate. In a town rich in nature, agriculture such as growing vegetables such as asparagus, tomatoes and fruits such as pears, apples and grapes, and animal husbandry such as cattle and pigs are also practiced.

The reward was a sukiyaki set of Japanese beef brand “Hiroshima beef” that Hiroshima prefecture is proud of. Only people with a rating of 4 or more (A4 or higher) can be certified as Hiroshima beef and have a personal identification number.

The shoulder commission is close to the previous commission and is also recommended for butcher. Suitable for baking, especially sukiyaki. Rose shoulder meat, not commercially available as a bonus, is sliced ​​thinly for sukiyaki. With a large volume of 700 grams, you can enjoy it with your family. Applications can be carried out year round and they are deposited frozen, convenient for storage.

Japanese beef Tottori Sukiyaki 20,000 yen (Hiyoshitsu Village, Tottori Prefecture)

* The actual gift you received may differ from the photo.

Hiyoshizu Village, Nishihaku Prefecture, Tottori Prefecture is known as the smallest village in Tottori Prefecture. Located in the northwestern part of Tottori prefecture, with views of Oyama, the national park boasts the largest area in western Japan, in the east, and the Hino River, one of the three great rivers in Tottori Prefecture, flowing west.

Tottori Wagyu Sukiyaki Set is a high-end Tottori Wagyu beef set sold at JA’s direct sales office and domestically produced vegetables. We are supplying JA Green Seibu “Fureai Village Aspal”, selling local agricultural products directly.

Tottori Wagyu is grown on mineral-rich groundwater flowing underground in Mount Oyama, along with locally grown straw and grass. Totori Wagyu beef is carefully raised in a breeding space surrounded by the fresh and peaceful air of the Chinese mountains, soft and juicy. Vegetables are also included, so you can enjoy sukiyaki as soon as it arrives.

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Awa beef peach sukiyaki (650 grams) 20,000 yen (Tokushima City, Tokushima prefecture)

Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture, has a warm and temperate climate. It has unique Tokushima cultures such as Awa Odori, Ningyo Joruri, Aizen and Sudachi.

One of the gifts from Tokushima city, Tokushima prefecture was “sukiyaki peach Awa beef”. It has a capacity of 650 grams and will be shipped in the refrigerator for approximately 4 days upon confirmation of contribution. You can enjoy the unique flavor of Awa beef, soft, low in fat and with a mild aftertaste. Shelf life within 5 days from the date of manufacture.

It is supplied by Meat Center Marukiyo Co., Ltd. in Tokushima city. We carry out all the raising, production and sales of Japanese black beef raised on the directly managed Maruyama Farm. Awa beef is a clearly sourced Japanese black beef that has been fattened in Tokushima prefecture, and has been prized by its meat market co-sponsor Tokyo.

Japanese beef Furano Daichi for sukiyaki (600 grams) 30,000 yen (Nakafurano Town, Hokkaido)

Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido is located in the Furano basin in central Hokkaido. This is a town rich in nature with the Tokachidake mountains and rural landscape. The central part of the basin is the agricultural sector, which produces a variety of agricultural products such as melons, onions and potatoes, while the livestock sector also thrives.

Furano Daichi Wagyu is a type of black-haired Wagyu that is raised freely on the rich nature and fertile soil of the Furano region. We have applied special propagation methods such as vitamin control to make sticky rice 5 months before leaving the factory. It’s a classy flavor that matches the taste of condensed meat with juicy fat without habit.

The reward is a set of 300 grams of tenderloin and rose meat for a total of 600 grams, enjoyed by family and friends. Applications can be made year round and will be frozen on the 25th of each month.

Iga meat sukiyaki (480 grams) 30,000 yen (Nahari City, Mie prefecture)

In Nahari city, Mie prefecture, there is a gift of sliced ​​Iga beef tenderloin for sukiyaki. Iga beef refers to Japanese black-haired cows bred and managed by members of the Iga Beef Production Promotion Council. It refers to a cow.

Iga beef has a long history, and there is a description of Iga beef in “Kokugyu Tenzu”, published in 1310 and explains domestic beef. It is said that dried beef is used as a preservative for the Iga Ninja, and it is said that the dried meat is the source of “Iga meat”.

Since it was first shipped to Tokyo as beef in 1883, beef shipments have increased every year, and the reputation of Iga beef has spread across the country. The mellow scent, vivid marble texture and melt softness have been described as “yokozuna meat.”

The reward is 480 grams of sliced ​​Iga beef (loin). Wrapped in bamboo leather, folded and delivered in the refrigerator, it’s also ideal as a gift.


Why don’t you enjoy delicious sukiyaki with delicate Japanese beef, such as at a home party or when the whole family gets together. Due to the fact that the country has tax, the meat is very popular and may be out of stock, so order it early.

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