Local government 5 best places where you can buy rice flour bread

Canned rice flour bread made from tropical rice 5,000 yen (Nangoku City, Kochi Prefecture)

Nankoku city, Kochi prefecture, is located in central Kochi prefecture and has Kochi Ryoma airport. Introducing the product “canned rice bread” produced by “Nankoku Sora Station Promotion Council”, specializing in the development and sale of special products in southern countries.

Rice flour bread uses special Koshihikari rice from Nankoku city. It has a moist texture and is easy to eat, and is a popular item at the “Nankokumahora” store in Kochi Ryoma airport. Since it comes in a can, it’s also a popular secret to keep and carry around, in an emergency you can use the can as a cup after eating. Its shelf life is 3 years, so it is very convenient as an emergency food preservation for outdoor and overseas travel.

For the tax payment of Furusato, a set of 5 canned rice flour breads of 2 can be applied for the whole year.

Homemade breads with rice flour 10,000 yen (Fujimiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture)

Fujimiya city is located in the east of Shizuoka prefecture, you can see Mount Fuji in the north. At the foot of Mount Fuji, this rice flour cake is made from rice grown indoors, from rice planting to harvesting and milling.

Types of cheese bread, keema curry bread, cuppe cheese sandwich, cream bread, bean paste, coppe bread, walnut bread, bean paste made from rice cake, mini-France and a wide variety rice flour (ingredients may vary depending on the season).

Each one is carefully handcrafted and has a tough texture. In particular, the cream choux pastry using rice flour will be more crunchy and spongy than the regular cream chewing gum. The thick cream goes well with rice flour breads. Rice flour bread can be enjoyed freshly baked by reheating it with a toaster oven. You can apply all year round, frozen for transportation so it is very convenient for storage.

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Gluten free glutinous rice bread 10,000 yen (Kamimine Town, Saga Prefecture)

“Mochimochi rice flour bread” sold at the agricultural direct sales office in Kamimine-cho, Sanyoki-gun, Saga Prefecture is a type of bread made under the supervision of a French chef. Bread made from rice flour, which is completed through trial and error without the use of gluten, is very popular because of the special chewy texture of the rice flour. Perfectly balanced smoothness and soft texture, delicious and addictive.

This rice flour bread is a set of 2 loaves of bread with a weight of 720 grams. The ingredients are rice flour, sugar, trehalose, salt, olive oil, crude yeast, and simple salad oil. As it is a popular commodity, it can take up to a month for delivery. You can apply for it year round and it will be delivered frozen.

Naturally grown rice “rice bread” 10,000 yen or more (Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture)

Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture, is located in the heart of Yamagata Prefecture and is a rich natural town surrounded by the Ou Mountains and Dewa Hills. The fertile land spans the Mogami River basin, and it is also famous for the production of high quality rice and fruit trees.

In the city of Murayama, where nature is abundant, we practice natural farming methods so that we can eat safe and secure agricultural products. This “natural rice rice bread” is a rice flour bread made from rice grown in a province grown in mineral-rich water.

The ingredients are brown rice flour, rice flour, gluten, yeast, salt … is very simple and you can enjoy the taste of rice. The texture is moist, chewy and easy to eat.

The content of the set includes 100% brown rice bread x 1, coppe x 5, wassan rice x 6.

You can enjoy it as it is or with meals. You can apply all year round and it will be sent out within a week of your application. It comes in frozen state and the expiration date is 10 days.

Special cultivated rice used to make Hotaru bread 15,000 yen (Momomachi, Yamagata Prefecture)

“Hotarupan” rice flour bread is a type of rice flour bread made from hotaru rice grown in the highest town of Yamagata prefecture under a mineral rich water source without any pesticides. Because it is made from rice without pesticides, it is also very popular with families with children.

The homeland tax refund is a set of 1.5 rolls of grilled brown rice bread, 100% brown rice bread, and 6 servings of (normal) rice broth. 100% brown rice bread is also free of pesticides and additives, so you can feel the natural sweetness of brown rice without the use of butter and sugar. Both toasted brown rice bread and 100% brown rice bread can be frozen for about 15 days. Croissants can be eaten immediately after defrosting, but should be baked in a toaster, etc. as they will improve crunch and chewy. You can apply all year round and it will be shipped frozen.


We introduced 5 local governments where rice flour bread appeared. All of them are in frozen state so they are very convenient for storage. Why don’t you take this opportunity to indulge in your chewy, moist rice bread?

* Some items returned to the home country for tax payment will be sold out immediately, so you should apply early.

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