Local government 5 best places where you can get delicious new rice produced in 2017

Excellent Quality Hitomebore / Sasanishiki Tsuyahime 10kg each 10,000 yen (Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture)

Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, home to Sendai Airport, is blessed with fertile soil and a climate, and can harvest a wide variety of seafood and agricultural products. The best quality Hitomebore, Sasanishiki and Tsuyahime are grown at “Gourmet Farm La Fata”, which has been growing rice for over 30 years in Natori city.

As the name implies, we pay special attention to making delicious rice, and it is carefully crafted with the feeling that no seeds are wasted from growing rice to harvesting, preserving and transporting. The lineup includes Hitomebore, Sasanishiki and Tsuyahime, who boast such a luscious farm La Fata. It costs 10,000 yen for 10 kg.

There is also a set (4 packs of Hitomebore and Tsuyahime each, 5 sacks of Sasanishiki, 26 sets, 5,000 yen) where you can enjoy freshly milled rice in a 300 gram vacuum pack for each of the 3 brands of rice. It is also recommended for those who want to taste different brands of rice.

Rice from Masuge Nanatsuboshi Town 10 kg 10,000 yen (Masuge Hokkaido Town)

The town of Mashike, located in the Sea of ​​Japan in the northwestern part of Hokkaido, has high quality water that comes from Mount Shokanbetsu. Rice made from that country is said to have a high reputation among the types of rice produced in Hokkaido. Furthermore, among the types of rice produced in “Minami Rumoi” including Masumocho, the rice produced in Masumocho is especially famous for its deliciousness.

You can choose from 10 kg, 20 kg and 30 kg depending on the amount of donations and you can receive “Nanatsuboshi” rice from Masuge-cho which is shipped directly from the producer. The donation amount is 10,000 yen for 10 kg, 20,000 yen for 20 kg and 30,000 yen for 30 kg. There is also a set of marine products, a specialty of Masuge-cho, and new rice.

It’s a set with proud seafood dishes like “rice (5 kg) and tarako”, “rice (5 kg) and sweet and savory shrimp and wasabi flavor”, “rice (5 kg) and so much soy sauce. set “.. If you are interested in perfect marine products as a companion to rice, why not try?

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3 bottles of special cultivated rice Koshihikari regenerated rice 5 kg 10,000 yen (Ota City, Shimane Prefecture)

The city of Ota, Shimane Prefecture, which has won first place in the “Country to Live” ranking, is where you can find many fascinating specialties, including mountain seafood.

The special cultivated rice of the city of Daejeon “Sanbo Renge Rice Koshihikari” was made according to “Renge Cultivation Method”. The brick farming method is the cultivation method where the brick grass seed is sown in the rice field after harvest and when it blooms in the spring is used as fertilizer for the rice. Since the nitrogen taken from the air by the brick grass becomes fertilizer, the soil is activated and healthy rice can be grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers. You can choose from brown rice, clean rice, standard rice, 3/4 milled rice.

In addition, “Iwami Ginzan Tenryo Rice (5 kg, 10,000 yen)” is produced in an area where the clean water of Mount Sanbin in National Park flows in, and “Pesticide-reduced rice (Koshihikari)” is made. from the water flowing from the foothills of Oe Takayama mountain. 5 kg, 10,000 yen) ”and so on.

A set of “Iwami Ginzan Tenryo Rice (2 kg)” and “Kinumusume (1.5 kg x 2 bag)” are also provided for those wanting to compare the rice produced in Daejeon.

Minami Uonuma “Koshihikari from Shiozawa” Rice grinding 5 kg 10,000 yen (Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture)

Minami Uonuma city, Niigata prefecture, is endowed with geology, water quality and climate, and is famous for being a high-quality rice production area. Koshihikari from Uonuma has been rated as “Special A” for 28 consecutive years in the Japanese Cereal Certification Association’s taste ranking.

Among the varieties of rice produced in Uonuma, “Koshihikari from Shiozawa” made in Shiozawa, Minami Uonuma city is said to have outstanding gloss, aroma, adhesion and taste, and make Koshihikari from Uonuma. so famous.

In addition, rice called “Tenchi rice (2 kg, 5,000 yen)” is limited to the Minami Uonuma Shiozawa area, and Koshihikari from Minami Uonuma, grown with less than half the amount of fertilizers and pesticides, ” Snow Country Kaori (5 kg, 5 kg) “8,000 yen)” and so on.

The taste of Koshihikari from the same Minami Uonuma is slightly different, so you should try and compare them. New rice is shipped from mid-October at any time.

Aigamo rice 10 kg 20,000 yen (Minamiseki Town, Kumamoto Prefecture)

South Kanmai is grown in the rich nature of Minamiseki town, Tamana district, Kumamoto prefecture. In 2016, rice was a hit, so many rewards were out of stock.

Aigamo rice is grown without pesticides and is certified by Kumamoto prefecture. Special cultivated rice (25 kg of white rice) “Tanada rice” is grown in the spring water of Nui Miike, and “Minamiseki Tanada rice (10 kg of white rice)” has a flavor that is dried in a more natural form, yielding is There is a “large snake eye (5 km)” known as the phantom Nam Kanmai.

The town of Minamiseki has a point system, and if you contribute 10,000 yen, 5,000 points will be awarded, and after that, 1,000 points will be awarded for every 2,000 yen. Since 10 kg of Aigamo rice requires 10,000 points, it is calculated that 20,000 yen should be donated.

Points are valid for 5 years and can be accumulated. You can check out the detailed scoring system on the official website. Why can’t you find your favorite rice from the many varieties of rice in Nam Kanmai?


We introduce our new 2017 yummy rice variety. All of them are made with special attention and you can enjoy them not only when they are cooked but also when they are refrigerated. Why don’t you have good rice to pay taxes this year?

Hometown tax payment list of “new rice”

* Some items returned to the home country for tax payment will be sold out immediately, so you should apply early.