Local government Best 5to receive 2017 brown rice for health conscious people

Sakaemachi committed rice 2017 Koshihikari brown rice 10 kg 12,000 yen (Sakaemachi, Ibaraki prefecture)

Sakai-cho, Sarushima-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture is a town located at the confluence of the Tone and Edo rivers, and is prosperous as a riverside town using water transport.

Koshihikari brown rice grown in such town can be chosen between 10 kg and 30 kg. If you like, you can also polish the rice for 7 minutes and eat it. There is also a set of white rice Koshihikari (10 kg) and brown rice (10 kg) from Sakaimachi, so it is great for those who want to eat and compare both white and brown rice.

Freshly harvested brown rice “Sakai no rice (Koshihikari)” is a popular commodity that has achieved the number one popularity in paying taxes in Ibaraki Prefecture for the second year in a row. You can choose between 30 kg and 60 kg, they will be shipped in sequence immediately after harvest. Sakai-cho has adopted a points system in which 500 points are awarded for a 1,000 yen donation.

10 kg of Koshihikari brown rice is 6,000 points (12,000 yen), and 30 kg of Sakai brown rice is 10,000 points (20,000 yen).

[Cao cấp nhất]2017 Koshihikari brown rice from Kagawa prefecture 20 kg 15,000 yen (Miki-cho, Kagawa prefecture)

Miki-cho, Kida-gun, Kagawa prefecture is located in the east of Kagawa prefecture and has a peaceful landscape. Rice is nourished by rice workers in mountainous rice fields where fresh water flows. The “Sannan Farmers Association”, which produces Koshihikari, grows organic rice with a minimal amount of pesticides, and has been selected as first-class rice.

In addition, “Hinohikari (20 kg)” brown rice grown with the organic method of minimizing pesticides on terraced fields is also available. “Jun-chan’s choice of Koshihikari (30 kg brown rice)” allows you to enjoy the original flavor of the rice with care and effort.

It will be delivered within 2 months of application, but it is advisable to apply early as delivery time may be delayed depending on the situation.

New rice 2017 Kasai Hinohikari Brown rice 10 kg 10,000 yen (Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Kasai City is located in the middle of the Banshu Plain in Hyogo Prefecture, and is a town where agriculture is done in a rich natural environment. This place is endowed with a warm climate, fertile land all year round, with a variety of specialties processed.

Kasai City’s soil is clay, and the “Hinohikari brown rice from Kasai” grown there is very pliable and has a strong flavor. It holds 10 kg and will be shipped from early November.

There is also a reward that includes Hinohikari brown rice (5 kg) from Kasai and “Curry tomato & beef”. The genuine curry suits the sweet and sour taste of ripe tomatoes and sticky rice very well. The tomato used in the curry is the tomato puree of “Kasai Tomato”, a specialty of the city of Kasai.

This set is also available in brown rice form, so you can polish the rice to your liking. This shipment is after mid-October.

Tsuyahime Genmai 30 kg 36,000 yen (Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture)

“Tsuyahime” in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture is a typical Yamagata prefecture rice grown in the rich and clean water of Tendo city, and was awarded the Special A Award in the taste ranking. Cooked rice has a distinct whiteness and gloss, sweetness and flavor, and it is also known as Yamagata’s best rice masterpiece. In return, this “Tsuyahime” will weigh 30 kg with brown rice.

There is also a gift of brown rice “Koshihikari (10 kg)”, a type of sticky rice, strong grain, when cooked is fluffy. Koshihikari brown rice is traditionally grown in a traditional “heap drying” using sunlight and wind.

You can also choose “Haenuki Brown Rice (30 kg)”. Yamagata Prefecture Original Rice is suitable for flat areas in Yamagata Prefecture. The variety is registered for good quality, and within a few years it has taken up 60% of the provincial market share. It is a tough and chewy type of rice.

Chewy texture! “Shiki Yutaka” Brown rice 5 kg 10,000 yen (Omi Hachiman City, Shiga Prefecture)

Opposite Lake Biwa, Omi Hachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, has prospered as a foundation of road and lake traffic since the Middle Ages. This is a town blessed with historical and cultural heritage, rich in nature and the remains of Azuchi and Kannonji castles. The river town area is also considered an important cultural landscape.

“Shiki Yutaka” raised in Omi Hachiman city is a hot topic in the media. It is produced by growing less pesticides, using less than 50% of conventional farming in Shiga Prefecture, and fermented compost from Omi beef.

It has a sweet and chewy taste not only when eaten hot but also when cooled, it is also recommended for rice balls and bento boxes. You can choose from 5 kg, 10 kg (18,000 yen) and 30 kg (40,000 yen) for Shiki Yutaka.


We recommend the 2017 brown rice variety. Even if you eat brown rice because it is so nutritious, it is also appealing that you can polish to your liking. Why don’t you use brown rice to pay your hometown tax this year?

Home tax pay list of “brown rice”

* Some items returned to the home country for tax payment will be sold out immediately, so you should apply early.

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