Latest delicious eel 2020

[Lươn nội x quê nộp thuế]Latest delicious eel 2020

Introducing features of “home eel” and how to eat it deliciously

Unexpectedly, modern eel details

Many types of eel live, and in Japan, two types, “Japanese eel” and “O eel”, reside. The Japanese eels are the most common, but they are also considered endangered. When Japan joins the Washington Convention, this country is likely to regulate the eel import.

Most of the eels distributed in Japan are imported from China and Taiwan, so if regulated, the ability to queue in the table will decrease. It is said that the custom of eating eel on earth day was invented by Hiraga Gennai in the Edo period. It’s a long-loved ingredient, but it stands at a major road junction.

Unagi is a healthy ingredient! ?? Also to prevent summer powder

It is often said that eating eel gives you endurance, because it is rich in nutrients. In which, vitamins A and B1, B2 are essential nutrients for health. Vitamin A boosts immunity and helps prevent summer colds. B1 and B2 are used to convert sugars and lipids into energy.

It’s an ingredient that you want to actively incorporate so as not to become a summer dish due to a lack of energy. In addition, it also contains DHA, known as a nutrient that improves head work, and EPA, an essential fatty acid that is important for maintaining the health of blood vessels and blood. You can also take calcium and vitamin D supplements, so it can be said to be a healthy natural food.

How to eat deliciously delicious eels

Items for sale at supermarkets and convenience stores, such as imported products, can be obtained at relatively reasonable prices. However, just heating it in the microwave will spoil the taste and flavor, so take some time to eat well. The eels are sold in packages that are coated with a lot of sauce to look great.

So, people put the eel on a plate and pour it over boiling water to eliminate fishy. If you want to add the sauce later, you should keep the preserved items in the previous package separately. After removing the drip, wipe the water off with a kitchen paper and switch to an aluminum foil that has been soaked in light oil. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of alcohol in, wrap it and let the fish bake for 3-4 minutes to finish.

Local government returns “domestic eels”

Such “domestic eels” will benefit if you choose them by paying your hometown tax.
We will feature local governments proposed by the province! !!

first.[Thành phố Hamamatsu, tỉnh Shizuoka]Nagaga-yaki “Unagi no Iguchi” four-tailed set: 30,000 yen

Gama-yaki is made using eels carefully selected in the underground flowing water of the Alps pumped from 100m underground and using the original handmade baking method “infrared grill two floors away “. This is a gemstone that won the first “Delicious Taste Award” for eel at the “International Taste Test”, a delicious test organization in H27.Click here for more details

≪ Unagi returned items in another Shizuoka prefecture

Product’s nameareaContribution amount
Unagiokowa 110g x 6 meals Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture14,000 yen
Unagi no Goshima Vacuum classification Unagi inland Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture50,000 yen

2.[Thành phố Hyuga, tỉnh Miyazaki]Eight herbal Unagi Kamayaki eels (1440g): 50,000 yen

Introduction of 8 braised eel dishes using dried guava leaves as food for the eel.
By using herbs in the diet, it can enhance the immune function of eels, help them grow healthy and reduce the eel’s distinctive odor thanks to the herb’s covering effect. .
Enjoy herb eel carefully grown with the clean groundwater resources of Togo-cho, Hinata City and original foods containing herbs.Click here for more details

≪ Other Miyazaki Prefectural Unagi Gifts≫

Product’s nameareaContribution amount
4 Unagi Shiroyaki from Miyazaki Prefecture Shintomi Town, Miyazaki Prefecture30,000 yen
5 wisteria kabayaki eel Western City, Miyazaki Prefecture42,000 yen

3.[Thị trấn Osaki, tỉnh Kagoshima]”Osaki Unagi 2 eels from Kagoshima Prefecture” “Kizami Unagi” (3 times in total): 35,000 yen

“Osaki Unagi Kagoshima Prefecture Unagi Nagakamaki 2” “Kizami Unagi” (total of 3 times) A ​​total of 4 + 10 bags.
You can enjoy the popular eel on a regular basis. Large, plump eel is grilled with a colorless sauce to preserve its taste.
For the second delivery, we will send you vacuum-packed, easy-to-eat chopped eel. You can enjoy hitsumabushi and rolls at home.
Enjoy Osaki-cho’s proud eel at home as a monthly reward.Click here for more details

≪ Other Kagoshima prefect Unagi gifts≫

Product’s nameareaContribution amount
9 steamed eel dishes Minami Satsuma City, Kagoshima Prefecture15,000 yen
Unagi Kamayaki One set (approx 120g x 2 tails with sauce and sansho) So City, Kagoshima Prefecture13,000 yen

4.[Thành phố Hà Nam, tỉnh Aichi]Charcoal-grilled eel from 1.5 Mikawa Isshiki: 13,000 yen

We will deliver 1.5 charcoal grilled eels from Mikawa Isshiki, famous for eel production. It seems that the eel sauce has been carefully added and protected since its inception. It is carefully prepared with high quality tamari soy sauce, mirin and disaccharide. Why don’t you chop up the eel you get into small pieces and put it in rice to eat?
The first cup remains the same. The second cup is confectionery (glue, onion, wasabi). If you eat your third bowl with stock, you can enjoy the original Hitsumabushi.Click here for more details

≪ Items returned to Unagi of a different Aichi prefecture≫

Product’s nameareaContribution amount
Hand-grilled white eel from Mikawa Isshiki (4 frozen dishes) Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture23,000 yen
Unagi Nagagama-yaki from Aichi Mikawa (5 fish) Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture45,000 yen

5.[Thị trấn Kiso Misaki, tỉnh Mie]Unagi Kamayaki 100g x 5 sheets: 20,000 yen

We will supply the “Kiso Mikawa Eel” from Cape Kiso produced in the form of “commemorative” eel farming, which is a system that can deliver high quality domestic eels year round. By promoting clear traceability to everyone, we will bring “safe, secure and delicious eels”. Just 5 pieces and you can enjoy it with your family or with eel every day for 5 days.
The reward is kamayaki (60g) chopped to make it easier to eat. Enjoy when you want to eat eel right away, or when you are hungry or have a snack.
A great value set with a reward. If you want to pay hometown taxes at a reasonable price, come.Click here for more details

≪ Unagi returned items in other Mie Prefecture

Product’s nameareaContribution amount
3 eels Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture29,000 yen
Unagi Matsuoka Gamayaki 5 bottles Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture50,000 yen

6.[Thành phố Takashima, tỉnh Shiga]Omi Rice Burger Chazuke “Unagi” 5 meals: 15,000 yen

This set is recommended for those who want to eat eel other than Kamayaki. We’ll offer a seasonal burger with eel and kinpira sandwiched between Omi rice burgers from Shiga and Takashima.
Eel is a dish that you easily eat. In addition, the Tea Package Omi Tea will be delivered to your place. When you pour tea, it becomes a hitumabushi-style Ochazuke.
Why don’t you eat a lot of Omi rice burger, a hot topic nowadays?Click here for more details

≪Other Shiga prefecture Unagi returned items≫

Product’s nameareaContribution amount
Addictive once you eat! Multiple repeats of 4 tails Unagi Kamayaki Omi Hachiman City, Shiga Prefecture40,000 yen
4 charcoal grilled eel Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture44,000 yen

7.[Thị trấn Fukuchi, tỉnh Fukuoka]4 best Miunagi Kamayaki: 28,500 yen

This is a long-standing restaurant for more than 40 years since its inception, and it is a delicious gem fused by high quality domestic eels carefully selected and carefully grilled with a sauce. Secrets are added and incubated while improving. Invite you to enjoy the ultimate eel dish.Click here for more details

≪ Other Fukuoka Prefecture Unagi Gifts≫

Product’s nameareaContribution amount
Steamed eel Yanagikawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture14,000 yen
Grilled Unagi Seiro Onigiri (10 pcs) Okagaki Town, Fukuoka Prefecture15,000 yen

Introducing the experience story “I tried eating eel”

I will introduce the voices of people who have actually tried eel.
If you are unsure about your home tax payment option, please refer to this section.

Women over 30 years old “How to eat eel I bought”

The taste and flavor of the eels I bought can be lost, so in such cases I try to bake them in a frying pan with the sauce.

By doing so, I can both eliminate bad odors and eat delicious eel, which is warm and chewy, so I do the same when I buy.

Man in his 40s “Unagi is delicious.”

The best way to eat eel is to grill it and add it to rice. The delicious taste of eel and the unique sauce is very suitable for rice, eating once cannot be stopped.

There are many different regions of production, but the domestic production sector is easy to eat. The domestic products are characterized by softness and very good texture.

Male around thirty years old “Gamaki is best for eels!”

When it comes to delicious eel, the royal line, but in my opinion Kamayaki is the best. I like to eat hot grilled sardines while blowing while eating on hot white rice.

Depending on the mood at that time, I dab it with sauce and sansho, and when I am tired and want to regain mood I eat with eggs.

Women in their 40s “Unagi is the first step to becoming an adult”

I have eaten eel sold at the supermarket many times since I was a child, but what I find best is the first taste I ate at an eel shop as an adult.

The atmosphere of the restaurant, the reasonable price, the luxury of lunch, all together, I feel like I’ve grown up. It’s a normal lunch, but for me it’s special because I have the liver to suck up the bones.


Can the voices of the people who have tried the eel help you?
Enjoy “Unagi” by taking advantage of your hometown tax money!

List of taxpayers at home “Unagi”

Reference page Question about eel: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries